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Cool Innovation: Daikin FTKG-T Series ensures a clean and cool home environment

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Smart yet stylish. Intelligent and innovative. Daikin FTKG-T Series air-conditioners offer you a well-rounded set of benefits that do more than just give you a comfortably cooling experience.

Superbly Cool
Equipped with Intelligent Sense that comes with an infrared sensor, Daikin FTKG-T Series automatically makes adjustments on temperature, fan speed and air flow direction according to human activity level in a room. As a result, optimum comfort, spot cooling and energy wastage reduction can be achieved without the need to manually control the settings. An additional Eco+ feature also ensures optimum energy consumption while fulfilling basic human comfort needs. Once activated, set temperature will be adjusted automatically to an eco-friendly level.


Energy Efficient
With its Innovaire Inverter system as well as its R32 refrigerant, Daikin FTKG-T Series ensures faster cooling with significant energy saving (as compared to Non-Inverter system). Moreover, this energy-saving air-conditioner helps to maintain consistent temperature in the room, making you feel consistently comfortable – especially while you are sleeping. Enjoy more comfort with less energy!

Better Indoor Air Quality with I-Guard
To improve your home’s air quality, Daikin FTKG-T Series incorporates a sophisticated air purifying system. Photocatalytic air purifying is a deodorising and antibacterial technology. Daikin was the first to apply this advanced air-purifying filters into its air conditioners. Additionally, titanium apatite, an advanced photocatalytic material with great absorption power is also integrated. While a filter’s micron-level fibres trap dust, titanium apatite effectively absorbs and decomposes bacteria. Apart from this, the I-Plasma technology emits massive positive and negative ions which sterilizes the surrounding air more effectively.

Good-Looking Yet Hard-Working
The Glossy finishing in pearl white and uniquely curved design of the Daikin FTKG-T Series delivers a premium look and performance. With its stylish and elegant design, this air-conditioner blends seamlessly into any modern interior decor and lifestyle. In 2015, Daikin FTKG-T Series (which includes the Premium Series) has won the Good Design Award in Japan, in recognition of product design excellence, innovation and creativity.

For more information, log on to www.daikin.com.my or call +603-7953 8388.

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