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Inspired Tones: Cosentino Introduces 8 New Colours To Its Dekton® and Silestone® Ranges

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Cosentino Group, the Spanish world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, is launching a new range of colours for the leading innovative surfaces Dekton® and Silestone®.

The new colours address two clear aesthetic trends: the appearance and chromatic diversity of cement and the natural beauty and elegance of different notable natural marble. These colours made their début at Milan Design Week 2018 and received many positive reviews from industry professionals and well as end customers. Visually stunning and possessing unparalleled technical specifications, these new colours from Dekton® and Silestone® will be officially introduced in Singapore on November 9, 2018.

Dekton Industrial Collection – Soke

Dekton Industrial – Kitchen Laos

To align with the cement trend, Cosentino expands on its success of the Dekton® Industrial Collection, which is developed in collaboration with renowned architect and designer Daniel Germani, with four new matte colours: Laos, Soke, Kreta and Lunar. These four colours on Dekton®, the revolutionary and innovative ultracompact surface, exude calm, careful and detailed aesthetics. They reinterpret the different grey and industrial tones of building materials such as cement and concrete with avant-garde and contemporary design.

Silestone Loft Series – Brooklyn

Silestone Loft Series – Silver Lake

For those who love quartz surfaces, Cosentino presents Silestone® Loft Series, a new and sophisticated range of colours that offers a fresh and contemporary take on the industrial and architectural look of cement and concrete. The two initial colours to be introduced are Brooklyn and Silver Lake; two classic colours where history combines future, are defined by personality, character, beauty and functionality. Silestone® Loft Series allows the creation of inspiring compositions, giving a contemporary and modern feel to any indoor spaces, while the surface has been technically improved to offer the same unrivalled mechanical properties only found with Silestone® – very low liquid absorption, high resistance to stains, impacts and scratch.

Dekton Natural Series – Kira

Dekton Natural Series – Vera

Emulate the best of nature, Cosentino presents Vera and Kira, two new colours of the Dekton® Natural Collection. Vera and Kira are inspired by the elegant, versatile appearance of the popular Gris Pulpis marble, and the difference between the two lies in their base tone. With nature and its pure aesthetic as the real protagonist, Vera and Kira reflect Cosentino’s desire to present spontaneity of natural stone, combined with the functional and mechanical perfection that only the ultracompact surface Dekton® can provide.

“Cosentino is proud of its research in line with global trends and we innovate with new benchmarks of aesthetics; we reinterpret the plain, cold, industrial and grey of cement and concrete to create more personality and beauty with new colours, veinings and texture and versatility for styling good on any exterior and interior designs and decorations. We look forward to continue to bring inspiring designs to the Singapore market.“ says General Manager of Cosentino South East Asia, Pablo Abad Gomez.

On 9th November, a full day open house at Cosentino’s City Centre presented a display of the six colours of the new Dekton® as full slabs in the Dekton® Gallery; Silestone® Brooklyn as kitchen countertop & backsplash, and Silestone® Silver Lake mounted to the wall on the Silestone® gallery.

These new colours for Dekton® Industrial, Dekton® Natural and Silestone® Loft Series will be available for purchase in Singapore. For more information, please visit www.dekton.com.sg.

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