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Happy New Hues: 5 Ways to Bring Nature into your Home for a Festive Ambiance

by creativehomex

With the much-anticipated January holiday periods (Chinese New Year!) just around the corner, some of you may already be preparing for a bit of fun-filled festivities. For adults and children alike, there would be a great deal of excitement in making preparations for the season.

Of course, a festive celebration would not be complete without the spirit of togetherness, merry conversations, and family gatherings from the comforts of one’s home. So, what better time than now to start decorating and sprucing up your home and adding that extra touch of colour and your personal style for a festive ambiance?

This season, AkzoNobel is sharing our expertise and some inspiring ideas on how you can bring nature into your homes while ushering in the festive mood. Featuring AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder (Winter’s Silence, 50YY 49/191) and its complementary palettes (Lush Colours, Buzz Colours, Raw Colours and Flow Colours), the colours will stimulate your creativity and help brighten up your homes for the coming Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations.

A Welcoming and Joyful Living Room
The living room is often the most important space in a home as a lot of time is spent there catching up and relaxing with our loved ones. We suggest using vibrant tones of nature that’s fizzling with energy and positivity yet feel harmonious and joyful. This roomset features a bold play with paint effects by combining the Vandyke Red and Wild Wonder colours. The Buzz palette further enhances the living room to create a rich, energetic space that feels warm and sparks joy.

A Vibrant and Positive Bedroom
AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder, is inspired by the warm tones of harvested crops. Its upbeat glow connects one with nature, creating a sense of energy and positivity. Radiating energy and positivity is what inspires this bedroom roomset, as the contrasting colours showcase a main wall feature that is eye-catching. The Buzz palette is used alongside Colour of the Year, Wild Wonder, a combination that makes for a fun, warm and welcoming place to retreat to at the end of a busy day of festivities.

An Inspirational Cooking Space
Food plays a significant role in many festive celebrations, especially the Lunar New Year when reunion dinners are an important highlight of the festival. This is the basis of our recommendation – a rich ambience set amidst an expansive kitchen space – to inspire your culinary creativity as you prepare mouth-watering delicacies for guests. This kitchen roomset features tones of deep cinnamon and nutmeg to create a statement wall in the kitchen, and further enunciated by motifs painted in Wild Wonder. The Raw palette used here introduced the richness of nature’s design while also bringing a timeless feel. The result is a kitchen that renders a flavour of the wild with its warm tones complementing the natural wood unit.

Bring Balance to your Workspace
While a home office may not be the natural setting for a festive mood, it would certainly be a good time for that little makeover since many of us are spending more time working from home than we used to. This is a space that needs to feel calm and inviting, somewhere we can concentrate and feel creative. Inspired by tides, waves and the natural rhythms of the earth from the Flow colour palette, the tones used in this roomset helps bring a sense of fluidity, calm and balance to your workspace while also being fresh and contemporary. Here, a soft blue feature wall reflects the natural light, while a pale lilac and Dulux Colour of the Year, Wild Wonder, add warmth and visual interest.

A Cocooning and Soothing Space
In the midst of noisy celebrations and festive excitement, let’s not forget to carve a space that’s calming and restorative for the little ones too. The soft greens of the Lush palette are subtle and comforting, creating the perfect calm and supportive feel for a child’s room. Created by painting narrow stripes (in soft lilac and AkzoNobel Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder) against a soft green wall, this checkerboard feature adds a playful touch to a child’s room while keeping a sense of tranquillity.

We hope you will be inspired by the magic of nature to create a festive ambiance in your home. May the glowing natural tone of Wild Wonder and its complementary palettes bring many more joyous occasions for you and your loved ones this Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Find out how to paint your walls and bring the magic of nature into your home with AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2023 at www.dulux.com.my.

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