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5 Rules For Hiring The Right Interior Designer|Creative Homex

by creativehomex

1、Plan Ahead 

Decide what do you want to design for:

  • New House / Old House 
  • Staying In / Renting Out

You should know your needs and wants clearly and making a checklist for yourself, ease for you to determine the home renovation budget. We would suggest you to estimate the possible changes in the next 5 years, especially newly wed families as there are so many things to consider. Let your designer know if you have particular materials that you want to incorporate into your design. Eg. Wood, stone, cement, red brick, glass, metal and etc. Lastly, have a firm grasp on your personal style or the colors and designs that attract you. The best way to convey this is with the inspiration photos you’ve collected. Browse through some designing websites or design magazines to get more reference, inspiration and information 

Of course, not to mention about our id Magazine and www.CreativeHomex.com From there, you can evaluate if the designer’s past projects and portfolio match and suit your preference. 


2、Designer’s Portfolio and Its Quantity

Project quantity of a designing firm is also essential, If they have only one or two past projects or, even worse, projects from 5 or 10 years back. Well, it’s not entirely bad it’s just that we’re unsure what has happened between these years, or bad reputation.

A good designer will usually have his/her works updated to the official website or Facebook to keep them updated regularly. Experienced designers have been exposed to many design cases, and the results after completion are more in line with your expectations.

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3、A Team or A Freelancer 

This is to review the scale and size of the company. It is recommended to find an interior design company instead of a freelancer. It is Ideal to hire an Interior design firm with an In-house construction team. As a team, it usually consists of professional designer, architect , contractor. Everyone holds a job position niching down to detailed responsibility. Tendency to have an established relationship and there’s no gap in communication.

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4、Company’s Operation Period

Usually, an ID firm operated more than 3 years in terms of design quality, accumulated skills and experience will be more exceptional. An experienced ID firm have spent years cultivating design practices that can be personalised to the lifestyle of the client. Longer operating period tend to have more design projects and clientele. Apart from that, we could verify brand reputation and service quality through customer reviews.


5、Being On The Same Page

Make sure you can communicate your thoughts and opinions openly with your designer. From the conversation, you will find out that if both of you have the chemistry and if the goals to be achieved are the same. It’s important that they listen closely and ask deep questions to really get at the heart of the vision you have for your home.

In a nutshell, a good designer is able to provide you a suitable design that could fulfil your needs, bringing in the conveniences to your daily live.

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