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5 Best Hair Dryers in Malaysia

by chxadmin

More than just a means of getting water out of hair, or smoothing out sleep-induced ruffles of bed head with relative speed – the common handheld hair dryer provides the ability to shape one’s coiffure with tension, hold, and lift to produce an ethereally buoyant mane. In the spirit of getting your bathroom together, we took stock of the most dependable electrical brands from around the world and assembled the following list of the five best hair dryers in the country.



Image Credit: Braun

From the hair-care experts that brought us the world’s first electric shaver, Braun provides us with the most powerful entry in this list – with a power rating of 2,500 watts, the Satin Hair 5 is capable of the kind of near-instantaneous drying and even heat distribution expected of professional hair saloons. Like most of the other entries in this list, the Satin Hair 5 includes an internal ionising component that purportedly helps to protect individual strands of hair from heat damage, and a diffuser attachment to distribute heat around curly locks.


Image Credit: Dyson

With their revolutionary high-efficiency impeller, Dyson’s diminutive hair dryer is perhaps the strangest looking – if not the smallest entry in this list. Utilising a mere 1,600 watts of power, the Dyson Supersonic is capable of rendering an airflow of 41 litres per second, imbuing the flow with a stream of negative ions, and channelling the airflow through a variety of interchangeable magnetic styling attachments for a range of effects.


Image Credit: Panasonic

In accordance with Panasonic’s power-saving innovations in other electrical appliances, their Nanoe hair dryer is the most energy-efficient entry in this list with a power rating of just 1,400 watts. As with most other hair dryers, the Nanoe includes an integrated ionizer – but unlike other entries in this list, this particular hair dryer is a dual-voltage appliance, meaning that it can be packed for travel and safely used in literally any country on the planet, regardless of the local grid’s voltage or frequency.


Image Credit: Pensonic

Even without a ringing endorsement from one of Malaysia’s most recognisable names, the Mesmerized series of hair dryers by Pensonic is a viable entry in this list on account of the brand’s focus on reducing noise and preventing heat damage. The moving components of this hair dryer are housed within an ergonomic body that is fully sealed with plasticised rubber, removing most of the noise that escapes the housing when the hair dryer is in operation.


Image Credit: Philips

Instead of utilising a purely metallic heating element for the sake of lower production costs, the ThermoProtect Ionic Hairdryer from Philips features a ceramic-coated element for even infrared heat distribution and a lowering of the overheating risks associated with the application of direct heat. In addition to the superior heating method used in this particular hair dryer, the diffuser attachment that comes with it doubles as a scalp massager.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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