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7 Best Exhaust (Ventilating) Fans in Malaysia

by chxadmin

Exhaust fans or ventilating fans are actually an important element to have in the kitchen, bathroom and even the bedroom as they help to maintain a good airflow, keeping moist and stale air at bay while removing odours and smells. Here are some of the best exhaust fans from KDK that are built to efficiently improve the air circulation at home.

1 Raku-Raku 25AUFA (25cm/10″) 楽ら
One of KDK’s latest wall-mounted ventilator fan is Raku-Raku which features high exhaust performance. This exhaust fan comes with an aluminum punching filter with non stick coating for easy maintenance.

2 EZ Fans 10EGKA (10cm/4″) EN緣
KDK’s EZ Fans is a favourite wall-mounted exhaust fan amongst homeowners, thanks to its user-friendly features: it’s easy to install, easy to clean, and saves energy. It’s excellent for bathroom use, efficiently removing moisture and odour while preventing mould in wet areas. It is also equipped with full accessories.

3 Wall Mount Propeller15AAQ1
The Wall Mount Propeller (15AAQ1) from KDK is perfect for small rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Powered by a high efficiency motor, it is easy to install and clean. It has an automatic shutter and thermal safety use for users’ peace of mind.

4 Wall Mount Propeller20ALH
Featuring five blades and an automatic shutter, KDK’s Wall Mount Propeller 20ALH is designed with a new curved shape and a front louver for better appearance and safety. This exhaust fan also features an advanced aerodynamic blade design to minimize obstacle against the airflow. Users can rest assured that its improved high performance condenser motor comes with long life ball bearing. This model is truly energy saving – reducing power consumption down to an average 13%.

5 Glass Mount Propeller 15WUD (15cm/6″)
For glass surfaces, KDK’s Glass Mount Propeller can be installed directly onto glass windows (window panel thickness from 3mm-7mm). Highly recommended for bathrooms, this unit features a new advanced blade design for high air volume and low noise level. It also comes with low power consumption (50% reduction vs previous model) and has a “Strengthened Shutter Structure” for better durability.

6 Ceiling Mount Propeller 15TGQZ
With its Q-blade design for perfect balance and quiet operation, KDK’s Ceiling Mount Propeller features a high efficiency motor for energy saving. It also has a ball bearing motor for smoother and more durable operation. Suitable for commercial and residential use.

7 Smarto スマト 24JRB
Smarto is one of KDK’s best ceiling-mounted Sirocco ventilating fans. This exhaust fan is installed on the ceiling connected with ductwork so that indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall. Smarto comes with a taper blade design for strong and smooth operation. It can be automatically turned on via its Motion Sensor activated by human motion. It’s quiet with a distinctive design of Resonance-Absorption Structure.

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