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5 Best Bathroom Scales in Malaysia

by chxadmin

Personal health is typically one of the foremost concerns that occupy the mind in the midst of preparing for the start and end of each day, when we are inadvertently presented with reflections of our own visages and bodies weathering the vagaries of time. The humble bathroom weighing scale is one of those understated devices that some of us keep on hand to reassure or to motivate ourselves into moving forward with the day – so to help you complete your bathroom and retain your peace of mind, we went and listed the top five unbiased weighing scales here.



Image Credit: Beurer

A glass bathroom scale is the ideal choice for an unobtrusive device that does not obscure floor finishes, leaving the architectural features visible with a largely transparent platform composed of safety glass. The GS 170 Sapphire glass scale is perhaps the most suited for modern spaces, being one of the thinnest varieties of glass bathroom scales available with a narrow profile measuring just 19 millimetres. Powered by just two lithium coin batteries, and equipped with automatic operation and shut-off routines, this unit will go on measuring up to 150 kilograms – within a margin of 100 grams, for unbelievably long stretches before ever needing a battery change.


Image Credit: Fitbit

In this age of health tracking applications that authoritatively tabulate exercise routines and calculate gains or losses, a disembodied weighing scale that simply reports a measure of weight seems rather one-dimensional by comparison. The Aria 2 from Fitbit is just one observable component in a system of interconnected devices including watches, wristband devices, and a proprietary application that charts weight, body fat percentages, and factors the data into BMI readouts that can be retrieved via a mobile device for more serious dietary studies.


Image Credit: Mi

While other weighing scales may return varying results depending on factors such as ambient temperature, the Mi Smart Scale uses an array of four g-shaped manganese steel sensors and a trio of algorithms to achieve an error of margin in the readout that is purportedly half of that observed in any other bathroom weighing scale. This particular weighing scale pairs with an app to chart over 800 individual data points across 16 separate user profiles, and it also produces readouts in “catties” for the Sinophilic hipster.


Image Credit: Omron

From Omron, a Japanese brand with a keen focus on healthcare products, comes one of the most energy-efficient bathroom weighing scales in this list. With the Omron HN-283, one gets all the standard components of a digital weighing scale: an easily legible digital readout and four separate sensors to negate any bias in load distribution; within a device that can run off a single three-volt lithium coin for up to a year.


Image Credit: Harvey Norman

Not many companies can claim to have found success in doing the same thing for over a century, but the Soehnle brand has been trusted to accurately gauge and report weights in bathrooms and on countertops since its founding as a tiny workshop on the outskirts of Stuttgart over 150 years ago (in 1868). The pictured Style Sense series provides the expectations of a modern digital scale: a thin profile, a stable platform, and an LCD screen in a body embellished with pink polka-dots to represent a departure from the conventional look of other bathroom scales.

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