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5 Best Air Fryers in Malaysia

by chxadmin

While we heartily embrace our globally-recognised fondness for food, we like to think that some of us retain a modicum of concern for health while on our epicurean adventures – so here are five of the world’s best air fryers available in Malaysia to fry up some guilt-free treats.


Image credit: CENTON

Frying your favourite food is now so much easier and healthier – thanks to CENTON’s new digital air fryer FritoD that comes equipped with smart digital touchscreen control. Featuring 10 preset programs ranging from french fries, meat, chicken, and fish to steak, cake, vegetables, as well as a pre-heating option, a fantastic meal is literally at your fingertips! To give you quick but tasty results, this air fryer incorporates an exclusive high-speed air circulation frying technology, which cooks 50% faster than a traditional toaster oven. Other amazing functions include a frying tray safety sensor, a wide cooking temperature range (50°C to 200°C), along with a low-fat cooking feature that allows you to cook without oil and up to 80% less fat. For your convenience, there is also a dishwasher-safe non-stick detachable basket and frying tray. If you are worried about overheating your air fryer, FritoD has an automatic safety shut-off comprising an intelligent timer cooldown and control up to 60 minutes.


Image Credit: Elba

Before joining New Zealand-based Fisher & Paykel’s stable of kitchen appliance brands, Elba was established as a provider of Italian cookware – and perhaps most widely-known as the manufacturer of the stereotypically vintage stainless steel stove. Elba’s 1500W and 2.2-litre capacity EAF-D2215 sets the standard for all other air fryers to follow with its rotary dials, indicator lights, and a glossy black exterior that is apparently cool to the touch.


Image Credit: Khind

Malaysia’s own brand of electrical appliances provides us with the 1400W ARF3000 – aptly named for its futuristic appearance. The design of this device is more oblong than egg-like, affording it with a higher-than-average capacity of three litres, and made to appear as though it was transported from a Utopian future with the thinnest possible seams carving sleek lines across a matte-black exterior, a blue LED-lit digital display, and touch-sensitive buttons.


Image Credit: Morgan

The brainchild of Diethelm (now DKSH) – one of the first European companies to set up shop in Asia over 150 years ago, the Morgan brand is a relatively recent creation by the Swiss distributor of premium food and beverage products. The 1500W and 2.35-litre capacity Morgan MAF-A988 air fryer is a relatively affordable and dependable offering put together with the global reach and network of DKSH, to provide cooks at home with the capability of preparing half a kilo of chicken drumsticks in around 20 minutes – using a sustained blast of air heated to 180 degrees Celsius. The simplistic mechanical dials provide dependable control of time and temperature, while the egg-shaped design and all-white exterior makes this device an unobtrusive presence on even the busiest of kitchen countertops.


Image Credit: Philips

Not content with trumpeting often-repeated selling points, Philips applies their particular brand of innovation to provide us with the 1425W Avance HD9643 – an air fryer that reportedly provides more evenly-cooked results with the proprietary TurboStar heat distribution technology. Additional features that put this device ahead of others include the non-stick coating on the interior and a removable dishwasher-safe mesh at the bottom of the frying basket.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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