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Top 5 Dish Dryers in Malaysia to Buy

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Dish drainers work just fine for smaller households – but as families grow, mealtimes begin to overlap, and the needs of offspring demand greater care in sterilisation. If you found the passive drying of our top five dish drainers underwhelming, you may be interested in the following list of dish dryers. Unlike dish drainers, these appliances actively utilise heat, ozone gas, or even photocatalytic sterilisation, to dry dishes in less time – while providing the added benefit of disinfection.

Buffalo Photocatalyst Dish Dryer

Image Credit: Buffalo

From the Taiwanese manufacturer of cookware that brought us one of our favourite woks comes the Photocatalyst Dish Dryer – a deceptively simplistic device utilising a groundbreaking form of pollutant control that is also applied at the leading edge of wastewater treatment. By combining titanium dioxide (TiO2) – a naturally occurring white pigment, with an ultraviolet light source, the Photocatalyst Dish Dryer renders inert any errant biological cells and VOC pollutants while drying servingware beneath the protection of a transparent plastic cover.

Izoton Dish Dryer

Image Credit: Izoton

Being one of the two entries in this list with the highest capacity of 75 litres, Izoton’s IDD-900 dish dryer would be an ideal addition to commercial-grade kitchens. Despite its large size, this particular dish dryer can be set into cabinets, or mounted on a wall to display its powder-coat finish in black, silver, or white. A digital display with a series of touch-sensitive buttons provides control of timers in addition to an ozone dispenser serving as this device’s secondary form of sterilisation.

Khind Dish Dryer

Image Credit: Khind

Designed for smaller kitchens, the Khind BD919 Dish Dryer provides sufficient space for up to 7.2 kilograms of cutlery and servingware on a removable stainless steel drying rack. Rather than opting for a single-piece lid as seen with this list’s other entries, Khind’s dish dryer features a half-cylinder cover that rolls back to provide a wide opening while maintaining a low profile on the countertop.

Panasonic Hygienia Dish Dryer

Image Credit: Panasonic

Similar in design to the previously mentioned entry in this list, Panasonic’s Hygienia Dish Dryer uses 70-degree (Celsius) heat to kill germs on a variety of cutlery and servingware – including those made of Melamine, glass, or hard plastic. Featuring a three-layered half-cylinder cover that provides up to 120 degrees of access and an intuitive rotary knob for control of the timer instead of a complex touch-button panel, the Hygienia Dish Dryer lends itself well to small spaces and users who prefer frill-free simplicity.

United Fusion Kingfisher Dish Dryer

Image Credit: United Fusion

Distributed by United Fusion – a homegrown manufacturer of ventilating hoods for kitchens, the Kingfisher JT-3619Q is perhaps the slickest commercial-grade entry, and only one of two ozone-based sterilising dish dryers in this list. Featuring a transparent glass cover devoid of handles and a discrete touch-button panel, the JT-3619Q dish dryer combines slick modern aesthetics with the high storage capacity (75 litres) expected of professional kitchens.

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