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10 Tips Interior Designers Use To Make 8FT Ceiling Look Higher

by creativehomex

The ceiling in a house is usually 8 to 10 feet high. A low ceiling will be suffocating and one will feel a little claustrophobic. If your house has ceilings which are inherently low, or in case your ceilings are of average height however you would possibly need them to look taller.

Here are 10 practical ways you might have been looking into to make a ceiling look higher!

01 Decorate the walls with vertical lines

By creating vertical lines on the length of your walls that connect to the ceiling drawing the eye upwards, it give the illusion of height so that the space will look taller than it is.

02 Opt for full-length curtains

Even you don’t have French windows, hung the full-length curtains high and wide will make the windows appear bigger. A full-length curtain that ranges from the ceiling to the floor, trick your eye into thinking the ceilings are taller than they really are and will add to the luxurious feeling of a room.

03 Put full height glass or mirror into good use

Mirror and glass are reflective, hang them on the wall, or lean them up against the wall for maximum effect. It creates the illusion of more space, especially in a small living room. It’s the best way to make a space appears bigger.

04 Choose low-slung furniture

The lower the furniture is the more wall above it you can see, making the ceiling seem taller. Using low-slung furniture will enhance the space between the furniture and the ceiling and it creates an illusion of a bigger space.

05 Opt for the same colour tone, wall to ceiling

Similar colour gives an illusion of extension one that ensures a continuous flow of color. You can even go for similar material or style, this gives a luxurious, uniform and seamless transition, the room appears larger and the ceiling feel higher.

06 Avoid pendant light

Central pendant lights like in an European styled room are often not practical in a room with a low ceiling as it will make the ceiling appears shorter. The best choice is to use indirect lighting and ceiling lights directly installed on the ceiling to provide sufficient lighting and create a bright sense of space with a soft halo.

Source: IQI Concept

Source: MLA Design

07 Colour contrast on the wall

Paint the lower half of the wall in darker colour into a beautiful dado, while the upper half of the wall in the same colour as the ceiling, using colour extension to create an illusion.

Source: Online

Source: Online

08 Add on to the height of the door and door frame

Tall door frame, that’s a big bonus in making a ceiling look higher and adds to the artistic value of the space. A door that spans from the floor to the ceiling, will make a space appear taller.

This year, I’ve collaborated with the biggest door maker in Malaysia and came up with an “IKO IN Series”. We do accept customisation order for doors in different sizes, if you are interested, please do contact us.

09 Opt for light trough

One can shine the lights to the top, wall, even side and the floor, to enhance illumination and visual effect. This also create a sense of depth to the space.

10 Hang the frames higher

Go for vertical frames for your paintings for better effect. It distracts the eye from the low ceiling while makes the wall appears taller and enhances the distance between the ceiling and the floor.

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