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Oriental Inspiration and a Contemporary Expression Enliven this Oceanfront Condo in Penang

by creativehomex

Designed to reflect the client’s Chinese heritage, this 20,000 sqft condo in Penang also optimises stunning ocean panoramas. The project, completed in February 2020, features a distinctive culture-oriented concept whilst staying consistent with its contemporary design language.

The design team from Fuka Interior Decoration Sdn Bhd explains further: “We were inspired by the idea of being true to one’s heritage. Considering the client’s ancestry, we decided to create a style that is uniquely his by understanding the basis of his custom. At the same time, we sourced materials from China to give the interior an exclusive ambience. The challenge that we faced was how to make use of every inch of the space with a style that could link from one room to another without being too overwhelming – this is not typically done for residences in Malaysia. We also need to ensure it is relevant for the next 20 years.”

According to the designers, they have carried out detailed research on ancient Chinese interiors and how the spatial design back then influenced the lifestyles of the affluent. “With a deeper understanding of the culture, we were able to extract bits and pieces of the shapes and meaning of the interiors from the past to have it reapplied in this penthouse,” the designers say, highlighting that they have used images of a mountain to symbolise stability to create an aesthetically calming decorative theme. They also used bamboo to represent moral integrity, resilience, modesty, and loyalty.

Vintage paraphernalia infuses a unique charm throughout the home, while Feng Shui elements denote good energy flow. Modernising classical items such as a classic “Tiffin” by making it functional and aesthetically pleasing is also one of the many ways the designers created an avant-garde look for the home’s contemporary decor.

“A collector of vintage can be considered either dated or timeless. This home honours the client’s Chinese roots while expressing a modern Oriental fusion design that caters to his present-day needs. Elements of Feng Shui have also been added to signify prosperity, never-ending supply of goodness and total authority,” the designers elaborate. “Besides having a carefully designed layout, which allows a good flow of chi energy all through the condo, the unique thing about being able to live in a modern world is having technology that enables one to interact with others.”

To keep with the era of modernisation, smart home technology is carefully incorporated into the interior design. Automation that can be controlled through voice and smartphones have been wired throughout the house.

“All this, and not forgetting the marvellous sea views surrounding the condo, create a home that defines being in the best of both worlds,” the design team concludes.

Oriental Fusion Residential House by Fuka Interior Decoration Sdn Bhd is a Silver A’ Design Award Winner in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, 2020 – 2021.


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