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Vespa: An Icon of Freedom and Fashion

by creativehomex

Vespa, the world’s most beloved luxury scooter brand from Italy, is stealing the hearts of Malaysians with its iconically unique and fashionable range of scooters.

Since scooting onto the scene in 1946 during the post-war era, Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter to a full line of scooters made for contemporary lifestyles blending fun, function and fashion. Vespa is also one of seven companies owned by Piaggio, its original founder.

When you mention Vespa, most people would know what you are talking about as it has become a household brand known for its signature design. No matter which version of Vespa, each will feature a painted, pressed steel unibody which combines, in a unified structural unit, a complete cowling for the engine, a flat floorboard, and a prominent front fairing.

With its youthful, vibrant aesthetic, it’s a hit with the younger generation and even the young at heart! More than just a mode of transportation, Vespa is also very much a high fashion lifestyle accessory – you can see glamorous shots of it all over social media! Simply put, this scooter is an Insta-star with its effortless elegance and retro-hip aesthetic!

Vespa enthusiasts can choose from an exciting range of Vespa scooters. Check out these four bestsellers:

Vespa Primavera: This mini-revolution on two wheels with a stunning 150 i-get engine promises total joy and freedom as you zip through city streets.

Vespa Sprint: Here’s an impeccable sporty pedigree that is transformed into an eco-friendly scooter. Features an innovative 150 I-Get engine that delivers versatility, brilliant pickup and a wonderfully smooth ride.

Vespa GTS Super: A Vespa icon that enhances style, safety, outstanding sportiness and luxurious comfort.

Vespa Sei Giorni: Inspired by the winning history of Vespa’s most famous competition bike, the Sei Giorni brings together the very best in engine technology with a design that is all about comfort and sports prowess on the road.

Vespa is available from Motoplex, Malaysia’s authorised dealer for Vespa, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia. Log on to https://www.facebook.com/motoplexpetalingjaya to find out more.

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