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Top 5 Modern Chandeliers to Buy in Malaysia

by chxadmin

Chandeliers are the cherry on top, the signature on a painting, and typically the most definitive piece of any décor. Whether you choose to incorporate a chandelier as an overt display of wealth, or to serve as a single point where the elements of a room converge, we have lined up the five most striking chandeliers for your consideration here.

11387-8 Chandelier from H.O.S. In D’sign

Image Credit: H.O.S In D’sign

Identified by the model number 11387-8, this chandelier comes from H.O.S In D’Sign – one of the leading lighting suppliers in the country. The 11387-8 provides double-height spaces with a cascading shower of clear K9 crystal pendants strung up in concentric spirals. The chandelier is illuminated from within the circular cascade with an array of downward-facing spotlights that set the crystal pendants aglow – echoing the opulence of classical crystal chandeliers in a modern, circular design befitting of central placements.

CH10 Dangling Glass Chandelier

From the Artistic Lighting Gallery, this intriguing chandelier presents a cloud of hand-blown glass spheres uniquely suited for modern spaces. The clear, golden-yellow, and violet orbs are suspended from a circular, polished metal dais by lengths of near-invisible plastic wires, creating an illusion of floating elements frozen in mid-flight.

Aballs Chandelier from Linds Furniture

Image Credit: Linds Furniture

Designed by Jamie Hayon, a Barcelona-based designer who earned recognition for his work in Fabrica – the Italian creative collective run by the Benetton fashion group, the Aballs suspension chandelier features 12 blown opal glass spheres mounted on a familiar branching design seen in other lighting fixtures from Linds Furniture. Rather than a metallic frame, this particular chandelier features a ceramic form that is optionally glazed white, black, or golden to suit interiors ranging from the simplistic to the luxurious.

Ginetta Prisma Suspension from Lightcraft

Image Credit: SLamp

The Ginetta Prisma Suspension is a redesign of the classical 8-arm chandelier by Nigel Coates, reimagined with branching cut-outs of the traditional candle chandelier’s silhouette. The cylindrical diffuser is composed out of iridescent polycarbonate, to provide multi-coloured glows. The chandelier is provided with the options of finishes in metal, Capiz shell-based Prisma, or SLamp’s favoured material – Opalflex®, a flexible and purportedly unbreakable material made of glass and polymer layers.

Örtofta Chandelier from Ikea

Image Credit: Ikea

The Örtofta is a baroque composition of carbon-coated steel and glass beads that is equally suitable for modern or transitional interiors. Designed by Ikea’s own David Wahl, this chandelier will emit an even, diffused glow when fitted with an opal light bulb, with the frame casting intricately patterned shadows against ceilings and walls. Although provided with a long chain for extra-height ceilings, this chandelier can be hung in more compact spaces with an S-shaped hook or by cutting unneeded links off the chain.

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