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Top 5 Ceramic Tiles Brands in Malaysia

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For some, shopping for tiles can turn into a drawn-out process entailing multiple repeat visits to showrooms and fruitless searches for specific tiles of inadequate quantity. To help you find the most visually appealing decorative tiles in the right amounts, we short-listed the nation’s most prominent ceramic tile manufacturers here.


Image Credit: Feruni Ceramiche

Founded and operated by a Malaysian entrepreneur in 2010, Feruni imbues its affordable ceramic tiles with avant-garde European aesthetics and an in-house team of boundary-pushing international designers who regularly come up with novel motifs and tile shapes. From the exterior, any one of Feruni’s eight showrooms on the peninsular might be mistaken for an Apple store – but stepping inside gets one a complimentary Nespresso, a personal consultation, and an opportunity to get a feel of some samples.


Image Credit: Guocera

Having been involved in the manufacture of tiles and mosaics since its first factory opened in Klang in 1970, Guocera applies imported know-how from Milan, consistent research and development, as well as a robust regional distribution network to bring us some of the most detailed, vividly coloured, and largest tiles available in the country.


Image Credit: Kimgres

Founded in Kuching (Sarawak) in 1972, Kim Hin Industry’s Kimgres is one of the oldest brands of ceramic and porcelain architectural finishes in the country. With offices on the peninsular and in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak, Kimgres is among the most accessible of domestic tile manufacturers – but it differentiates itself with a unique service that produces customized digital prints for bespoke tiles made to order.

Niro Ceramic

Image Credit: Niro Ceramic

The story of the Niro Ceramic Group began in 1979 with the Danish engineering firm – GEA Process Engineering, opening its first tile factory in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, Switzerland. When Niro’s manufacturing base was moved to the South-East Asian region between the 80s and 90s, it brought along a proven know-how and adherence to Swiss quality standards in the manufacture of ceramic tiles.

White Horse

Image Credit: White Horse

While White Horse is considerably less adventurous than some of its contemporaries in terms of innovative tile shapes, with three manufacturing plants in the country since the early 2000s, numerous distribution centres dotted around the region, and a 48,000 square-foot (Malaysia’s largest) showroom known as “Ceramic World” in Selayang under its belt, White Horse is among the most accessible brands of long-standing ceramic tile manufacturers.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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