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Best 5 Stylish Electric Kettles in Malaysia to Buy

by chxadmin

Likely the first appliance to earn a spot on the countertop of a new kitchen, and arguably the hardest-working appliance in any household – the humble electric kettle is the quintessential symbol of a working kitchen and a requirement for anyone who enjoys a cup of caffeine or noodles. If you’re looking for more than just another workhorse kettle – something worthy of a prominent position in your home, we listed our top five picks of the most stylish electric kettles available in Malaysia for your perusal.


Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle

Image Credit: Dankoff

The most serious advocates of the pour-over and drip methods of coffee or tea preparation insist on water temperatures accurate to the degree, and a means of directing a stream of boiled water over coffee beans or tea leaves with surgical accuracy. To meet those exact requirements, Brewista provides the 1.2-litre Artisan Gooseneck Kettle – an electric kettle with a retro design and wooden accents on a stainless steel body. The included induction plate enables precise digital control of temperatures, while the narrow spout puts hot water exactly where it is needed.

Delonghi Icona Vintage Kbov Kettle

Image Credit: De’Longhi

As one of the global leaders of home appliances made to Italian standards, De’Longhi has entered our view more than once – with the most recent entry being in our list of coffee machines. Apparently drawing inspiration from one of the less-often-seen retro designs of Peter Hobbs and William Russell – the innovators of the modern electric kettle, De’Longhi’s Icona Vintage Kbov puts the convenience of a modern 2-kilowatt electric kettle in a sleek 1.7-litre capacity body – finished in glossy black, beige, or green to match similarly retro décors.

Kenwood kMix Kettle

Image Credit: Kenwood

Even after being acquired by De’Longhi in 2001, Kenwood’s highly recognisable style and brand legacy has been left untouched in the 3-kilowatt and 1.7-litre kMix kettle – named for Kenwood’s iconic mixer paddle attachment of retro fame. While the kMix kettle draws inspiration from the same aforementioned sources (Peter Hobbs and William Russell), the finish of the kettle is rendered in Kenwood’s signature shade of red to provide modern kitchens with a bold and and whimsical splash of colour.

Morphy Richards Special Edition Accents Pebble Traditional Kettle

Image Credit: Vaughans

At one point in Morphy Richards’ early history, Peter Hobbs of the Russell Hobbs duo was employed as a managing director for the former’s South African division – which could explain the distinctive ancestry of Morphy Richards’ Accents range of small kitchen appliances. The vaguely cone-like design of the Morphy Richards Accents series hides a respectable 1.5-litre capacity within a deceptively diminutive stainless steel body, pictured here with the Pebble finish – one of the options from a catalogue of finishes that includes brushed steel, sand, black, white, or red, with the additional options of trim in black phenolic plastic, chrome, or rose gold.

Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Kettle

Image Credit: Smeg

The pictured kettle comes from the Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla (or Smeg), a third-generation family owned and operated manufacturer of premium kitchen appliances. The robust body holds enough hot water for around seven cups and exhibits the kind of curves seen on kitchen appliances from an earlier era. While the handle and base are made of polished chrome, the rest of the body is made entirely of stainless steel – with a powder-coated finish in the options of cream, black, red, or pastel blue.

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