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Top 30 Outdoor Design Ideas in Malaysia

by chxadmin

You might have come across some of our previous articles on outdoor spaces – and you may have already acquired some ideas regarding dining outdoors, choosing furniture, or using recycled objects. We figured you would also be interested in seeing some examples of lush gardens or immaculate courtyards, as well as the occasional foyer or balcony, to get an idea of how to assemble your very own slice of paradise.

A water feature is very nearly a required element of front yards in the tropics and this home presents one in the embrace of modern design to save space in the yard. Design by: SQFT Space Design Management

An expanse of stone on the patio would seem stark and unadorned without a generous decorative feature – note the extension of walking space over the water to blend the two elements of hardscape and water feature. Design by: Desenze Interior Concept

Simple concrete pavers serve to extend walking zones without detracting from the splendour of a wide front yard. Design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

The use of artificial turf in combination with natural greenery and a water feature creates an immaculate outdoor space with less maintenance required. Design by: Deep White

The incorporation of a water feature into the wall at the edge of the property line conserves the scant space of this compact side yard. Design by: Q1 Interior Concept

Wooden beams of modern design bridge the gap between the structure of the home and the monoliths serving as the walls of an outdoor lounge. Design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

A water feature composed with a pebble wash finish complements a flourishing yard embellished with gravel paths and concrete paving stones. Design by: Gusto Design

This gratuitous water feature serves both as a practical barrier against pests and as a luxurious decorative feature. Design by: IDS Interior

A layer of artificial grass transforms this balcony into an outdoor lounge with an impressive vista for a view. Design by: Zids Design

Even for personalities more concerned with earthly matters, the spiritual trope of walking on water represents the height of luxury when it comes to water features. Design by: Architrio

This lawn embraces its tropical surroundings with its lush foliage, while a narrow path of paving stones winds its way between clumps of greenery. Design by: ID Industries

Nature’s sprawl is kept at bay with pebble wash pavers, while narrow tracts of lawn are allowed to reach the very edge of the front entrance. Design by: Design Spirits

This pebble wash water feature speaks of a verdant tropical paradise with streams of water falling between plants. Design by: Zanotta Studio Design and Renovation

While the structure of this home extends to the edge of the property, the strict lines contain a narrow patch of grass and a diminutive pond for balance. Design by: Design Spirits

The straight lines of modern design are completely abandoned for the creation of a pond in the likeness of a natural cenote (Latin American water-filled sinkhole). Design by: ID Industries

Even decidedly modern architecture can benefit from the occasional patch of foliage providing simultaneous contrasts in form, colour, and theme. Design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

What would have been an ordinary balcony is converted into an outdoor lounge with the application of artificial turf, whimsically coloured upholstery, and a floor to mimic the natural grains of wood. Design by: JCS Design Project

An overflowing mass of potted flowering plants brings natural forms and colour to a front yard decked in stone. Design by: DMZ Consultancy

This tropical themed home presents a pool as though to ask: “What if the patio was water instead?”. Design by: ID Industries

A discontiguous assembly of tiles on the floor of the balcony draws attention to the seating furniture apparently transported from times past. Design by: Viincology

The naturalistic forms of the wood furniture offset the varieties of stone used in the formation of this compact yard. Design by: Gusto Design

A narrow strip of artificial turf is all that is needed to turn what would have been nothing more than a ledge into an echo of the outdoors. Design by: Konan Design

Even when added as an afterthought, the array of paving stones simultaneously extend the walking areas and provide a form of deliberate decoration in the garden. Design by: ID Industries

The designers of this home manage to squeeze all the requisite ingredients of an outdoor decorative feature – wood, stone, water, and plants – into a standard side yard by restricting the tropical elements to within the strict grids of modern design. Design by: Q1 Interior Concept

This urban apartment presents a balcony converted into an outdoor lounge with the very minimum of ingredients: artificial turf and outdoor-appropriate furnishings. Design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

When artificial grass is not preferred, a wooden deck makes the next best substrate for an outdoor lounge. Design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

The use of wooden louvres and blinds subtly extends the tropical theme of the yard to the physical sides of the home. Design by: Nu Infinity

Where the space  can be afforded, a miniature putting green can be included as an admired symbol of prosperity. Design by: Design Spirits

In order not to detract from the organic lines of Nature, this pathway is rendered in a dotted line of stepping stones. Design by: Q1 Interior Concept

The foyer of this home demonstrates convention turned on its head, with the outdoors brought into the fold of the interior by way of artificial grass and a live tree surrounded by stone. Design by: Nu Infinity

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