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How to Choose Colours for Peace of Mind at Home

by creativehomex

Studies have shown that colours are an important factor when considering how our surroundings can affect our mental health. For example, blue and green can create a calming atmosphere, orange and yellow can stimulate appetite, red and pink can inspire passion and energy, and purple can boost creativity and productivity.

However, everyone’s feeling towards a colour is unique because it’s often rooted in personal experiences or culture . Given that colour can have such a powerful impact on our moods, feelings and behaviours, it’s well worth investigating which colours can positively influence our mental health during periods of prolonged isolation, especially during this pandemic.

Blissful Bedroom
When it comes to selecting colours, choosing earthy green tones and mixing them with blue tones can provide a relaxing and rejuvenating environment for the mind and body. Let’s look at the bedroom, for example. It’s where we sleep and revitalise ourselves. It’s a place that should embody peacefulness to enable better quality sleep.

A peaceful bedroom painted with Brooding Storm (87BG 27/077) and Grey Jeans (45GY 55/052)

Home Sweet Home Office
Another area where many of us spend a lot of time and energy is the study or home office. This is a space where we tend to be our most productive, so it’s important to make this an environment that encourages creativity. The complementary pairings of light purple and off-white colours are perfect for creating a calming and productive environment in which both adults and children can work and study.

A calming study area painted with Timescape (70YR 50/086) and After the Rain (10YR 73/038)

Lush Living
Now let’s move to the living room. This should be an energetic and engaging environment, as the living room is where most people socialise and spend time together. Using earthy tones can create just the right mood.

An open space living room painted with Brave Ground aka, Wright Stone (10YY 30/106)

Colour inspiration and images courtesy of Dulux. For more creative ideas visit: www.dulux.com.my/en/colour-inspiration.

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