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Enigmatic Bedrooms Decorated With Purple

by chxadmin

From the sea snail shells found along the ancient Phoenician coastlines of Tyre to the togas of Roman senators, and on to as recent a time as Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, the colour purple has been associated with mystery, power, royalty – and the height of bravery in the case of the Purple Heart. Despite the connotations, spaces painted in purple are relatively rare to come by – especially in this age of neutral-coloured interiors and compact spaces. But the results are undeniably awe-inspiring whether purple is applied as an accent or as a base colour. To illustrate the sensuous effects of purple – and perhaps to inspire you to try something different in the bedroom – we bring your attention to a selection of bedrooms brought to deeply soothing and enigmatic levels with the mere addition of violet-coloured light or materials.

Beguiling Accent

Interior design by: Turn Design

Perhaps the very first and easiest thing to try when experimenting with purple, or any other bold shade, is to inject the colour with the aid of a lighting fixture. Utilising ultraviolet bulbs intended for water purification systems would not be recommended for health reasons – ultraviolet light of the UVB variety is a germ killer and equivalent to sunlight in terms of the damage it can cause – but “black-lights”, UVA bulbs, or even regular bulbs tinted purple will provide a harmless wash of violet-coloured light. This equivalent of dipping one’s toe into unfamiliar waters enables slight adjustments – leading to possible results such as the pictured bedroom decorated by Turn Design. The purple glow here serves as a tentative accent for the neutral-coloured space, delivered to the sunlit side of the bed via a pair of bedside lamps.

Absolute Saturation

Interior design by: Space In Design

If the alluring quality of purple illumination has won you over, you may find yourself surprised by the delightful effects of a predominantly white room fully saturated in violet light. As demonstrated by Space In Design with the pictured bedroom, the architectural finishes of the walls and ceiling have been deliberately left featureless and white in order to extend the reach of purple light. The result is that all the plain white surfaces are rendered intriguing with a fluorescent sheen, while slivers of white and yellow illumination are used to segment the background and provide the space with a measure of visual depth.

Prominent Display

Interior design by: Jashen Interior

If you are looking for more control over the introduction of bold shades like purple in the bedroom, consider utilising fabrics dyed in your prefered shade of violet instead of attempting to fine-tune the highly variable effects of lighting. As demonstrated by Jashen Interior in the pictured bedroom, the introduction of purple is done through carpeting and drapery in light and dark shades, securing the colour’s place in the white space regardless of the quality of light. The net effect of this combination is one of mutual support – the white background brings attention to the purple accents while the various shades of violet lend the crisp white space a contour of uplifting opulence.

Background Flavour

Interior design by: Surface R

With some comfort in its balanced use, one could take the saturation of purple to the maximum by applying various shades of violet in architectural finishes. The result of painting both the walls and the decorative headboard in the same shade of purple is a cohesive background that is instantly soothing to the eye, as in the pictured bedroom designed by Surface R, while the contrasting of dark wood flooring and a sprinkling of neutral coloured planes against the purple background creates a space that simultaneously speaks of fun-loving vibes and regal poise.

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