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Top 30 Living Room Interior Design Ideas in Malaysia

by chxadmin

The living room is often where the most significant first impressions are made, which makes the planning of its decoration all the more important. With all the various styles that can be applied to seating lounges, we thought it prudent to outline our top 30 picks for your inspiration.

Aged wood and patinated surfaces are combined with strategic lighting, straight lines, and floral motifs to achieve a distinctly tropical décor. Interior design by: A Piece of Art

Traditional forms and modern lines converge to render this living room in modern classic style. Interior design by: Regal Violet

An oriental carpet and a crystalline chandelier ground the space in classical flavour against a background of straight lines and a gold and cream coloured backdrop. Interior design by: Sky Creation

Modern lines are pushed even further into the background with the high prevalence of intricate details derived from classical tradition. Interior design by: Latitude Design

Despite being replete with classical details, the saturation of the space in white renders this living room in modern flavour. Interior design by: Archint

Fine details, floral motifs, and pale colours contribute to this room’s feminine character. Interior design by: Archint

A dusky space is brought to life with greenery and passionate colours serving as accents. Interior design by: Sky Creation

This seating lounge is rendered lightweight with the pale side of the neutral palette and made ornate with a sprinkling of classical accents. Interior design by: Metrics Global

The dominance of straight lines in this space set the stage for attentions to fall to the crystalline chandelier. Interior design by: Turn Design Interior

Combining an array of textures with the blend of classical and modern details makes this living room comfortably balanced in its character. Interior design by: ID Industries

The height of modern opulence is demonstrated in this living room with an abundance of tactile sensations framed by reflective metals. Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

An expanse of marble contributes to the regal atmosphere of this seating lounge, while a scattering of minimalist features brings the ensemble into an intriguing balance. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

An array of classical details pull the gaze around the space, from the capitonné upholstery to the Damask wall-coverings on either side of the lounge. Interior design by ST Concept Design

The muted lines of modern design divert attention to the presence of the few organic forms while serving to accentuate the verdant outdoors in the background. Interior design by: Turn Design Interior

This living room is an example of modern luxury, rendered with an abundance of differing textures and reflective metals against a neutral coloured background. Interior design by: The Roof Studio

Even for a space as compact as this, the presence of a crystalline chandelier and generous stretches of marble elevate the seating lounge to luxurious heights. Interior design by: Urban Habitat

The wide expanse of this home’s open layout is preserved with generous space provided between the individual pieces of furniture in this eclectic ensemble. Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

Against a backdrop of lush vegetation, the simplistic arrangement in the seating lounge seems all the more luxurious. Interior design by: Choo Gim Wah Architect

An intricately decorated turquoise carpet adds a layer of excitement to the neutral coloured space. Interior design by: ID Industries

Straight lines of modern design set the stage for the array of classical furniture distributed around this living space. Interior design by: The Urban City

The monochromatic palette of this living room benefits from the addition of bold colours in the foreground. Interior design by: Latitude Design

The use of a darkly stained wood in combination with white creates a more naturalistic variety of monochrome. Interior design by: Deseo Creativo

While white dominates this seating lounge, the absence of colour accentuates the presence of other shades. Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

A simplistic and monochromatic backdrop is rendered luxurious with a thickly tufted carpet and near-seamless stretches of marbled stone. Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

The neutral palette of this seating lounge is elevated to intriguing heights with the combination of a monochromatic decorative feature wall and iconic pieces of furniture from mid-twentieth century designers — Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool stands in the background while Hans Wegner’s CH07 Shell Chair occupies the foreground of this scene. Interior design by: Design Base

The stars of this boldly coloured minimalist space are evidently the iconic pieces of furniture occupying the central position of this seating lounge: Le Corbusier’s interpretations of the classic Bauhaus armchairs and Eames’ lounge chairs with accompanying footstools. Interior design by: Gumuchdjian Architects

The bare quality of the industrial surroundings serves to bring attention to the contemporary forms of furniture occupying the space. Interior design by: Studio VARA

The characteristic monochrome of this designer’s work is demonstrated in a dusky light in this seating lounge. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

The presence of a doorway is ingeniously hidden behind a mirrored panel, while the marbled stone and beguiling light distract the naïve eye from noticing this deception. Interior design by: Surface R

This seating lounge expresses stringent symmetry in a palette of cream and gold to present the curvaceous furnishings.  Interior design by: Mandali Concept

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