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Resort-Luxe Semi-D Designed for Blissful Living: Nu Infinity

by creativehomex

Nu Infinity approached the design of this semi-detached property with a refined design language that seamlessly merges with the architectural style of the 4,380sq ft home. “Given the strong architectural statement of this property, both the client and the designers wanted an interior design approach that complements the outside and the inside altogether,” Nu Infinity says. “This resulted in a diffused earthy tone against an off-white canvas to give the property a profound sense of security and home.”

Inside, the natural-toned palette leverages a meticulous selection of beautiful finishes. In the living room, a feature wall composed of dark marble highlights the space, while loose furniture pieces complete the easy-going look. The theme continues over at the dining room with a marble dining table. Further on, the dry kitchen with its L-shaped countertop demarcates the cookspace beautifully.

Central to this home is the outdoor deck, where the resort-inspired atmosphere really comes through. In the middle, the sparkling pool is complemented by a spacious patio enlivened with neutral-toned furnishing.

“The outdoor deck, the dining table, the marble wall where the TV sits and the interior washed matte floor tiles were all carefully curated and matched to achieve the design intention,” the design team shares. “If you look closely, a few elements at specific angles were intentionally blown up in scale to bring a sense of grandeur – such as the ceiling feature made with modest timber strips in natural matte varnish.”

The bedrooms are designed with darker but modern matte colours lit only by hidden lights and quirky little hanging pendant lights. Soothing, yet stylish, the sleeping quarters offer the owners a perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.

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