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Art of Work: A Hybrid Office Centered on Creativity and Well-Being

by creativehomex

Housed in Contempo, a New York-style brick building in Hong Kong, via’s new design-led office merges social workspaces with an art gallery to prioritise co-creation and staff engagement. To create their new office, the studio transformed a former industrial space into a hybrid work and creative environment spanning nearly 10,000 sq.ft. over two floors.

The office, which combines flexible and fluid work zones with a variety of social spaces, fosters a sense of community and inspire creativity. The design also draws on an original colour scheme and subtle hues to create a cosy and cohesive ambience.

The main workspace on the lower floor, framed by galvanized steel partitions, emphasises a balance between physical and desktop experiences. To facilitate varying work flows and team dynamics, solo work stations are coupled with smaller break-out areas and workshop tables to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, an approach that is deeply rooted in the studio’s holistic culture.

A wide corridor visually connects the expansive material library at the back with the lush outdoor terrace while dividing additional work areas on the lower floor, such as a private meeting room. The brightly lit café, which overlooks a green space, is a place where employees can develop stronger bonds or relax and take a break from their work. It combines a comfortable lounge with a large common area where a flexible set-up allows for casual conversations, dining, seminars, or even movie screenings. The three-metre-long travertine bar is built in the shape of a barista, giving the area a visual anchor and providing tactility.

Connecting the two studio floors is a striking staircase that is lined entirely in cosy Scandinavian wood and has an angular, double-layered balustrade. The upper level of Contempo features a versatile gallery and event area. The gallery was created as an addition to the workspace to display the artistic abilities of the team and to encourage collaborative projects. It also houses commissioned artworks alongside sculptures and furniture designs.

Internal swing and sliding doors can be used to transform the area into a standalone location for exhibitions or private dinners, away from other work spaces’ interruptions. One k edition, the studio’s artistic arm, has created a wide selection of lifestyle products, which are featured in a dramatic retail exhibit in the gallery’s corner with textured green walls and terrazzo flooring.

The entire permanent inventory of the workplace was created in-house, including the upholstered walls and bookcases, the kitchen units, cabinets, and storage made to meet the needs of the designers, as well as handcrafted elements like milled wood door handles. The furniture collection, which demonstrates a commitment for genuine craft and functionality, comprises modern classics from the collections of Benjamin Hubert, Nikari, Artek, and Karimoku Case Study as well as custom pieces softened by Kvavdrat fabrics.


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