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Sweet Slumber: Give the Gift of a Perfect Night’s Sleep

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This Christmas, give the gift of slumber comfort. We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep as it plays an important role in our health and well-being. Unfortunately, we often suffer from insufficient sleep or sleep disruption due to health issues like joint paints or asthma as well as environmental factors like a bad mattress or even hot weather.

Slumberland, the leading bedding expert in Asia has just the perfect collection for you to add to your Christmas shopping list this year: the TempSmart™ series. Thanks to innovative features that keep your body cool and your back comfortable throughout the night, TempSmart™ mattresses are definitely the key to better sleep at night.

Keep It Cool
Sleep is often disrupted due to our hot and humid weather. You toss and turn all night long because it is simply too warm to stay in one position comfortably. According to sleep experts, a cooler temperature helps the body to sleep better. On the other hand, a warmer temperature is energizing – like how it is when we exercise. Our body is also equipped with thermoregulation abilities – the capacity to maintain an optimal temperature. However when we sleep, thermoregulating our body becomes less efficient, which means we can’t bring down our body temperature so well when it rises up. Thus, when it gets warmer, we tend to wake up as a higher body temperature correlates with alertness and activity.

TempSmart™ Warwick II

TempSmart™ mattress or pillow fabric is capable of detecting body temperature and adapting the evaporation of humidity accordingly! As your body heats up the fabric, the TempSmart™ molecules on fabric push the evaporation “gas pedal”. Extra evaporation reduces humidity and has a cooling effect. Additionally, with TempSmart™ Spacer Technology, a‘breathing layer’ is created on the bed’s borders to ensure vital air circulation. This offers pressure relief, thermoregulation and moisture management, resulting in improved quality of sleep every night.

There are many ways to cool down when we go to bed. Turning on the air conditioner or opening the windows are a good idea. This said however, it may not be as effective as getting a mattress that actually helps with cooling off our body as we sleep. With the advent of technology, it’s possible to get a thermoregulating mattress. For example, TempSmart™ mattresses which are designed to balance temperature optimally so that you are cool throughout the night. Moreover, this mattress also comes with a “breathing layer” so that there’s good air circulation, resulting in a well-ventilated surface to sleep on.

Springs that Support
Another important factor that contributes to higher quality of sleep is a mattress that supports your spine effectively. Many people wake up a few times at night because of backaches or body discomfort. This is usually caused by mattresses that are too hard, defective springs and worst of all, a sagging bed.

Here’s why you should never skimp on quality mattresses. If you are going for a spring mattress, it is highly crucial to ensure that the springs work well and last for years. Consider the TempSmart™ 3.0 mattresses. Made of high-tensile steel wires, this Slumberland bestseller features the Luxury Precision Springs which are specially designed to be sag-resistant and offer intelligent body support that adjusts instantly to your sleep movements.

TempSmart™ 3.0 3600

With a system that supports your body intuitively, you can rest assured that this bed literally has your back by providing full body and spinal support. The system also ensures undisturbed sleep for you and your partner by eliminating movement throughout the entire bed through springs sewn individually into pockets. This allows motion separation and it minimizes sleep interruption.

Like all TempSmart™ mattresses, this series also keeps you cool throughout the night

Double Tidings of Comfort This Christmas: BUY 1 FREE 1 Mattress
This Christmas, let Slumberland pamper you with not just 1 but 2 mattresses. Purchase any of the following TempSmart™ mattresses below in Queen or King Size and receive a FREE* single size Slumberland Dr.Sleep II mattress worth RM1,275.

  • TempSmart™ Warwick II
  • TempSmart™ 3.0 3600
  • TempSmart™ 3.0 1600 Elle
  • TempSmart™ Kensington

*Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last. Check out this promo here.

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