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The Right Shower After a Sauna Session

by chxadmin

For many, taking a sauna is a real treat after a stressful day, especially when the weather is freezing cold. But what’s the best way to shower after a long sauna session to get one’s body back to normal again and maximise the benefits of the sauna? You should definitely shower to clean up before taking a sauna. It is important to dry off after showering so you don’t enter the sauna while still wet as the moisture would delay the onset of the desired perspiration.

Cooling down properly after a sauna session is very important because continued and excessive sweating can increase the risk of catching a cold. So, sauna goers should take enough time to cool down and warm back up again. It is not advisable to take a shower right after leaving the sauna; instead allow your body to cool off with a breath of fresh air. Proper breathing is also important; breathing should be slow and deep to get enough oxygen. A short cool down out in the fresh air should be followed by a brief shower at the desired temperature to rinse off sweat and toxins. It makes sense to end the shower with cold water. A cold shower cools down the skin and the airways, regulates body temperature and stimulates muscles.

hansgrohe Raindance overhead showers equipped with Select technology offer the ultimate shower experience following a sauna session. The Select feature enables users to switch jet types at the touch of a button. Regardless which type is selected – a powerful water jet or a spray of gentle droplets – Raindance showers provide the ideal, personalised cool down and prolong the sauna’s restorative effects.

After a short cool off, a warm foot bath (about 40 degrees Celsius) is recommended. Warm water widens the blood vessels again and regulates the body’s temperature balance.

In collaboration with designers from Phoenix Design, hansgrohe has created overhead showers and showerpipes that combine generous surfaces and quality materials with sophisticated water performance, including the hansgrohe Raindance E shower range.

The square, 30 x 30 centimetre overhead shower generates a rain of full, soft droplets. The spray jets are arranged in a special way to ensure that the body is completely enveloped. The jets at the centre of the spray disc are closely positioned for a more powerful spray, making it easier, for example, to rinse out all traces of shampoo. The other jets are more spaced and their gentle spray relaxes the shoulders and upper back.

For more information on hansgrohe products, visit www.hansgrohe.com.sg.

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