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Glamorous Simplicity: ZIDS Design

by chxadmin

This unique home exemplifies that modern minimalist styles can benefit significantly from eye-catching details without compromising its essence of simplicity.

Simplicity never fails to create homes that emphasize quality living and comfort. In this home designed by ZIDS Design Sdn Bhd, simplicity comes in the form of a practical layout and spatial configuration that engage a variety of eye-catching details to bring its best look forward.

Reflective surface frames the outer edges of the square where the TV resides right at the centre, instantly turning it to a focal point.

The dining area is also kept simple with a round black marble table accompanied by five cosy chairs.

The open kitchen next to the dining room is luxuriously sleek with its smooth countertop and shiny backsplash which blend with the modern appliances very well.

The breakfast bar accommodates three tall stools with yellow pads, infusing colour to the overall space.

The leather headboard evokes a classy feeling immediately while special effects on the wall finishing sets off a romantic mood.

The kids bedroom blends different colours against a superhero-inspired thematic backdrop.

Featured in iD iNdesign magazine vol.91

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