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Top 5 Kitchen Sink Brands in Malaysia

by chxadmin

If you’ve been following our exploits in listing our favourite brands of everything in and around the house, by now, you’re probably thinking that we’ve taken a look at everything except the kitchen sink – which is why we decided to start looking at kitchen sinks.


Image Credit: Bacera

The Singapore-headquartered connoisseur of bathroom fittings and sanitary ware, Bacera, has its kitchen and bathroom products in hotels and premium residences around the region – making the brand an appropriate addition to the modern kitchen. If modern is not the way you wanted to go, their extensive range of farmhouse-style sinks with decorative aprons – composed of fired clay and available in under-mount or top-mount varieties, would be ideal for anyone looking to assemble a country-inspired kitchen.


Image Credit: IKEA

Beyond Ikea’s widely-known convenience for anyone seeking out virtually anything for the home, their top-mounted ceramic and stainless steel kitchen sinks make even the most affordable of melamine countertops seem elegant – while their varieties of onset sinks, such as the stainless steel AMMERÅN, fit seamlessly with the widths of the countertops that Ikea carries and negate the need for a cavity to be cut during installation.


Image Credit: Kohler

From the same brand that occupies some of the most stately bathrooms of homes and hotels around the region, Kohler also provides a wide range of kitchen sinks composed of enameled cast iron, stainless steel, and even their proprietary blend of composite granite – Neoroc®. Kohler’s farmhouse-style Whitehaven cast-iron sink features a purportedly versatile design with a thick rim, requiring only an approximate cut for the front apron to fit over cabinetry and the rim under countertops.


Image Credit: Roca

Another brand known for premium bathroom fixtures, Roca’s unique offering for the kitchen comes in the form of their Silacryl sinks – Silacryl being a proprietary blend of stone and solvents to make a hard-wearing surface that retains a wet look and does not stain. While Roca’s Jockey is a double-bowl variety of inset sink intended for corners, Roca also carries other variations, of both the double-bowl and single-bowl designs, intended for straight lengths of countertops.


Image Credit: Smeg

For those who want to get serious with their kitchen, Smeg brings professional-quality fixtures to homes with the Linea range. The pictured brushed stainless steel sink from the Linear series stands out on account of its sliding colander and unique glass covers that double as chopping boards.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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