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Minimalist Bathrooms’ Must-Have Features

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Beyond slim profiles and unobtrusive colours, there are a host of characteristics expected to accompany the ubiquitous minimalist bathroom.

Born out of a reaction to abstract expressionism, minimalism continues to be highly relevant, especially when it comes to imbuing bathrooms with space-saving effects. With the majority of people living in urban centres around the world, and that proportion set to increase with the rising pace of urbanisation, minimalism will likely continue being among the most popular of styles applied in bathrooms.

Interior design by: Frontline Bathrooms

While modern interpretations of minimalism may diverge with experimental blends of other aesthetic styles, a devoutly minimalist bathroom can be as awe-inspiring and breathtaking as a classically decorated banquet hall. To help you achieve the epitome of minimalism in the bathroom, we take you on a tour of some bathrooms that best exemplify this iconic style.

Sleek and Chic

Interior design by: Frontline Bathrooms

Beyond the hallmarks of shedding frills in favour of practicality, another underlying principle of minimalism is centred around the preservation of space. Simplistic fittings such as those incorporated in the glass shower enclosure of the pictured bathroom are the most obvious selections for a minimalist space, but the choice of colour palette for the finishes and fixtures will have additional, more subtle, effects on the overall decor. Bathroom fixtures tend to be all-white, but to truly maximise the perception of volume, the choice of white tiles is made to imbue this bathroom with the space-saving effect of white.

Mod Tub

Interior design by: Waters Baths of Ashbourne

All that effort into preserving a sense of space would just go to waste without a central element for the eye to focus on, and a bathroom decorated in minimalist style just happens to make a fittingly subtle backdrop for a lone decorative element. In the pictured bathroom, the slim furnishings and plain white finishes set the stage for eyes to fall on the main attraction of this space — the freestanding tub. With its all-white shell, the bathtub seemingly blends into the background, but its delectably curved sides set it apart from the rigid forms in the background.

Interior design by: Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Tip: The most popular style of bathtub in the current age – the ubiquitous free-standing tub – is the ideal choice for a central element in modern bathrooms by virtue of their uncomplicated forms.

Small Wonders

The rationale behind those slim profiles prevalent in minimalist spaces is the reduction of form while preserving function — a principle that sometimes leads to the limitation of shelves and countertop surfaces. But a minimalist bathroom does not necessarily entail the forgoing of sometimes necessary amenities, as demonstrated in this pictured bathroom, the deliberate preservation of floor space around the tub enables the addition of a foot stool to host accessories needed for a bath. Even with this minute detail added as an afterthought, the jarring divide between a showroom and someone’s real life sanctuary is effectively crossed.

Interior design by: Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Tip: A sprinkling of accessories and creature comforts speaks of a lived-in space. As demonstrated in the pictured bathroom, even a stool added as an afterthought makes the space seem purposefully minimalist rather than empty.

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