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Dark and Decadent: Redefining The Modern Man Cave with Cosentino

by creativehomex

Straight, sharp lines and darker colour schemes are some distinct design elements that embody masculinity. It’s time to break out of those tired notions of cliched masculine room that is either moody, minimalist, ultramodern or unwelcoming.

Get inspired by these well-designed living quarters that embrace warmth, sophistication and versatility, that will also allow your personality to shine through. From countertops and walls to floorings, here are some of Cosentino’s favourite man caves within the home where masculinity meets style.

The Study

From left to right: Design: IPPO Official, Colour: Dekton Domoos | Design: ALIGN Architecture, Colour: Dekton Trilium

For most men, the study is a dedicated space that helps cancel out household distractions and focus on work. Filled with rich textures, strong shapes and smoky hues, these unique home offices inspire productivity and make you want to sit down and tick off your to-do list.

From matte black Dekton Domoos to the industrial Dekton Trilium, there is a surface from Cosentino to make the perfect and impressive work desk. For the gentlemen who like rugged elements, Dekton Trilium adds that raw touch. And perhaps most importantly, don’t forget the badass, ergonomic and comfy work chair to chalk up more productivity points!

The Bar

From left to right: Design: Form & Function Design Co, Colour: Dekton Laurent and Silestone Et Calacatta Gold | Design: Surface R Interior, Colour: Dekton Eter

If the ladies have their walk-in wardrobes and vanity corners, the bar is where the gentlemen reign with their accessories – beautiful bottles of liquid elixir that come in different shapes, sizes, caps and colours. So of course, this castle deserves to make a statement. It is one of the places that you can call entirely your own, where you can hang out and entertain your friends.

Mood lighting, dark tones, metallic finishes and luxurious textures instantly level up this corner. We dig the dramatic veins and textured Dekton Laurent wall cladding which pairs beautifully with the light and airy Silestone Et. Calacatta Gold. In the second bar, the velvety Dekton Eter bar top merits an understated visual appearance that complements the bar design, keeping the bottles of spirits the focus on the backdrop.

The Kitchen

From left to right: Design: Paperworks Interior, Colour: Dekton Sirius | Design: IPPO Official, Colour: Silestone Charcoal Soapstone and Silestone Calacatta Gold

Whether you love to cook or not, a stunning masculine kitchen remains a way to impress. The right colours, textures and decorative touches can go a long way. There’s just something about the kitchen that whets appetites with or without the smell of food wafting in the air.

Cosentino picks sizzle with sophistication, self-sufficiency and approachability. A prime kitchen island is so vital to the decor that its absence can be felt as strongly as its presence. It adds functional dimension and separation to the space. Plus, it is an absolutely perfect way to lend the kitchen a communal vibe.

With kitchens like these, it wouldn’t kill for you to learn a few delicious recipes and fire up the stove yourself.

The Bathroom

From left to right: Design: Maer Atelier, Colour: Silestone Charcoal Soapstone | Design: Design Zage, Colour: Dekton Rem and Dekton Kira

One of the first and last places we spend our everyday lives in, bathrooms are our personal sanctuaries where other people are off-limits. It is also the place where you prepare yourself to look your finest. Going beyond its utility functions, bathroom designs should be chic, calming and rejuvenating.

Here are some bathroom design inspirations that you can relax and recharge in. Simplicity is key – masculine bathroom designs rarely go bonkers with colours or clutter. Stick to strong simple lines and angular elements. To add visual contrast, go for fittings with geometric shapes.

Whether you have a large space or a small space to devote to a man cave, it’s possible to design a well-executed, functional space that embodies the same warm and strong personality. Hope these picks inspire some ideas for your next renovation project!


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