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Choice Cabinetry: 6 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas That Totally Transform Your Cookspaces

by chxadmin

As we pointed out previously in our guide on colours for the kitchen, it doesn’t always have to be in white – although it usually is. This time around we take a look at a range of approaches to cabinets that will not only provide your kitchen with a different shade – but an altogether unique appearance as well.

1. Wood
Wood is coming back to our homes, thanks in part to the shifting mood regarding global climate change, we have been seeing a return of both laminates and hardwood in cabinetry bearing shades of reclaimed or varnished wood to complement rustic and modern kitchens alike. The homage to this natural material does not necessarily need to be overt – even when constructed from completely synthetic materials, cabinets can be decorated with cuts or classically-inspired detailing to imply that some carpentry was involved.

Designer: Nu Infinity

2. Concrete Grey
Exposed concrete is another material spotted making a resurgence, helping to create a masculine ambiance when paired with minimalist furnishings in post-industrial properties. While the use of actual concrete on cabinet doors would be impractical, the characteristic tone and blemishes of cement can be reproduced with a few coats of thinned grey paint on unvarnished wood to complement an industrial decor.

Designer: X-Two Concept

3. Glossy / Reflective
Glossy cabinetry is not a new component of 21st century kitchens, having been in heavy use since the processes behind laminates have expanded to produce a wide range of finishes. Give that sheen a purpose by selecting a material with an ultra-glossy or reflective finish for your cabinets, to visually enlarge the space and bestow your kitchen with a palatable elegance.

Designer: Zanotta Studio Design and Renovation

4. Transparent
Adaptable to a wide range of styles and colours, using completely transparent or frosted glass doors on your cabinets immediately turns your storage into display cases that can be completed with luxurious facility when fitted with internal lighting.

Designer: Space Living

5. Metallic
We’ve mentioned before that serious chefs seem to gravitate towards stainless steel countertops, and we are just as certain about their receptiveness to steel cabinetry. The clean and durable look and feel of steel lends itself well to post-industrial interiors, providing a greater measure of modern elegance than cement in the seamless welded joints and folded laps of steel sheeting.

Designer: Archicentre

6. Underfoot Lighting
We have all probably seen the use of LED strips embedded beneath upper cabinets to illuminate countertops, but you probably have not seen that same form of fixture being used beneath lower cabinets to light the floor. More mood lighting than task lighting, these LED strips introduce a dose of glam into what would be otherwise bland spaces.

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