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Cool Convenience: Superb Cooling Made Super Easy

by chxadmin

Simple yet power-packed with sophisticated features, Midea’s All Easy air conditioners come with a myriad of well-designed features to ensure ultimate comfort and convenience.

When it comes to high performance air conditioners, homeowners are also looking for those that are convenient, simple to use and comes with the latest technology. Here’s where Midea’s All Easy air conditioners truly shine. From installation to daily use and routine maintenance, this air conditioner series offers plenty of innovative features that add value to modern homes.

First of all, you can easily control this smart air conditioner with Midea’s remote control app which supports Android and IOS. You can turn on the air conditioner before you get home and be greeted with the perfect temperature.

As everyone’s temperature preferences are different, this air conditioner comes equipped with two well-designed functions – Favourite Cool and Follow Me to ensure you experience ultimate comfort as soon as you turn on the unit. Press the “Favourite” button and the air conditioner will remember your preferred options – this means you can enjoy the same coolness as you have previously. On the other hand, Follow Me keeps you comfortable by measuring the air temperature around you. Keep the remote close to you and it will measure the surrounding temperature to deliver perfectly adjusted cooling. To further personalize your air conditioner settings, you can choose a sleep temperature curve designed for the elderly, children or young people or customize your own curve.

All Easy also maintains a consistently comfortable temperature, even if it is scorching hot outside. The advanced compressor is designed to deliver comfortable, cooling air, even if the outside temperature reaches as high as 50°C. Each unit also comes with an optimized air outlet design which widens the air flow angle to disperse cool air in a uniform manner.


Homeowners will be happy to know that there are no complicated parts or complex manual to deal with when it comes to installing and setting up All Easy air conditioners. As each unit comes with a strong installation plate and cupboard as well as lots of space for pipe and wiring connection, installation time is reduced by 20% compared to normal air conditioners. The unit also features easily removable PCB and electrical components which reduces maintenance time by 50% which saves time and money. Additionally, these air conditioners come with a Smart Diagnosis function, an automatic monitoring system that detects and diagnoses 97 types of errors at an early stage and notifies you via the smartphone app.

Cleaning All Easy air conditioners is also fuss-free. The filters are easy to remove and can be pulled out from the top instead of from inside the panel. On top of this, a self cleaning mode is available – this function spins the indoor unit fan in reverse, removing condensed water and eliminating bacteria from within the unit.

If you are worried about polluted air, you can breathe easier with these air conditioners as they are designed with a dual filtration system that thoroughly eliminates harmful substances, providing fresh and clean air. There is also the Super Ionizer Generator which helps to eliminate odour, dust, smoke and pollen particles in the air.

With its comprehensive set of useful features, Midea’s All Easy air conditioners not only help to maintain an optimal ambience at home, it also puts every homeowner’s mind at ease with its smart technology and user-friendly functions.

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