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Grey is a terrific colour that can offer a soothing, cooling presence for a room. It’s a neutral colour so it works well with many other colours and is a good choice for both a primary design colour and for accent pieces. For instance, the living area is a perfect example of how a coordinated palette of greys can create a sense of peaceful formality. Mix it up with black and white pillows and accessories along with sparse furnishings to pull of an art-gallery inspired look. The dining area nearby combines dark charcoal walls and grey satin-like pillars with beautiful warm timber floors, which breaks up the all-grey scheme yet maintains the overall soothing atmosphere.

Image Credit: Nine Square Interior

Image Credit: Nine Square Interior

We absolutely love the fact that the furniture selection centres on simple lines and monotonous hues, plain yet lavish fabrics and clever ambient lighting. All these play a part in emphasizing the stunning spaciousness of this residence. The bathrooms are also not forgotten – walls and floors are tiled up in grey stone-like surfaces, which contrast beautifully with the crisp white sanitaryware and gleaming chrome fittings. A free-standing tub bathed with soft ambient lighting promises relaxing nights of spa-like baths and sleek horizontal mirrors  add sparkle and visual interest to the space.

Image Credit: Nine Square Interior

Image Credit: Nine Square Interior

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