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Vintage Reinvented

by creativehomex

The phrase “Vintage Modern” has been floating around for several years, but what is it exactly? To put it simply, vintage modern mixes old and new, like this gorgeous 1100 square feet apartment for instance. In the living area, a red velvet wing chair, quaint table lamps and a gilded art piece bring on the vintage; the row of spotlights and glossy porcelain floors bring on the modern. Here the brick wall itself is vintage modern as it depicts an old material energized with a fresh coat of paint. Another factor is the colour palette. Crisp white walls and ceiling keep things modern, while black damask wallpaper and a brown antique ceiling fan screams vintage. The kitchen nearby carries the same white shade on its cabinetry, which creates space visually while keeping clutter at bay.



The adjoining dining area not only saves traffic space, it also boasts of a sleek table in rich wooden tones and creamy high-back chairs. In the spacious master bedroom, the rich colours inside instantly seduce us. Again, rich black damask patterns dominate the walls, creating the perfect background for the white furniture, as well as modern art pieces. Bright fuchsia lotus blooms in an English-styled urn add a dash of colour while bringing out little pops of pink from the framed art nearby.



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Johnson In Design

iN DESIGN Issue 44


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