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Malaysia’s Top 5 Furniture Shops in Petaling Jaya

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We realise that buying furniture online does not produce the kind of results that one can expect from a conventional shopping trip to a brick and mortar store – so if you have just read our list of furniture stores in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, and are now on the search for similar stores in the Petaling Jaya metropolitan area, then this is the guide for you.


Image Credit: Nu Infinity

MOODS was founded in the year 2015 by a young vibrant team of passionate product enthusiasts. The hybrid composition of their team lies among furniture specialists & interior designers which is a balance mixture of experience & impeccable design sense. The key to MOODS identity is how they focus on their customers mood and concept. They craft a whole new dimension for their new spaces, be it in the residential or commercial sectors. Recognisable features of premium standards and expectations are their strong belief. The friendly approach from their showroom conceptual artist, would adapt your mood and concepts to alter your design into wonders. For more of their NEW COLLECTIONS, click here.

T:(+6017) 595 0766
T:(+6019) 383 4833
M:(+603) 3132 7878


Image Credit: MyFurnitureShop

Situated in the heart of Bandar Utama, this neighbourhood furniture store supplies nearly every staple form of hardwood furnishing in modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian styles. With a focus on affordable offerings with mass-appeal, MyFurnitureShop should be your first stop if you are looking for furniture designs balanced neatly between expected convention and traditional influence.

T:(+603)7733 1636

Qi (Quel International)

Image Credit: Quel International

The prevalence of Quel International’s offerings are such that there would be a significant chance that anyone reading this would have sat in at least one of their chairs while dining out. With the styles of their furniture leaning heavily towards minimalist, Scandinavian, and art house designs such as the post-Bauhaus movement, Qi’s furnishings are best suited to modern and luxurious interiors. In contrast to their more conventional offerings, their most intriguing collections are the couture styles of outdoor furniture from Vondom.

T:(+603)6142 4223
T:(+603)7732 8815

Scade Concepts

Image Credit: Scade Concepts

A specialist in outdoor furnishings composed of teak and stainless steel, Scade Concepts’ catalogue also includes hardwood indoor furniture of intriguing, simplistic, and modern designs. With their offerings displayed in various beachside resorts around the world, it can be said with certainty that one would find a wide range of simple yet luxurious furnishings befitting of tropical homes.

T:(+603)6156 8044
T:(+603)6148 8084


Image Credit: Thamesa

In addition to the standard fare of modern contemporary furnishings for indoor spaces, Thamesa also dabbles in decorations, fabrics,  and reupholstery. But the most refreshing aspect of Thamesa’s catalogue can be found in their Asiatic and Oriental styled textiles and accessories. If you are looking for furnishings and decorations that appeal to both modern and regional tastes, this would be the place to look for custom pieces.

T:(+603)7960 6790/5031

* Brands/names are listed alphabetically

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