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Magis: Where the Magic of Design Enlightens Everyday Spaces

by creativehomex

Just mention Magis, and design lovers will instantly picture playful pieces that blend contemporary aesthetics with a childlike elegance. That is the “magic” of Magis, where the most imaginative designs are brought to life, imprinting a sweet memory on our minds and hearts.

For more than 40 years, Italian company Magis has been at the forefront of creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces. Established in 1976 in Northern Italy, Magis has since positioned itself as a global design player. Throughout their milestones, this innovative company stays true to its core value: to continuously push the boundaries of design.

“We are constantly searching for novel ideas, new design languages and innovative production methods. Consequently, our product portfolio is wide-ranging, from the pure to the expressive. Some might say Magis is eclectic. We say yes, we are. Because uncompromising design requires freedom,” states Magis. “Each of our design projects has to meet the highest standards. A Magis product needs to be handsome and functional, and it needs to embody a strong idea. Anything else would be easy and ordinary: not the Magis way at all.”

A family-owned business, Magis leverages the strength of family values to build long-lasting and beneficial relationships with its employees, customers, and partners. Based in Italy, the company aims to preserve the exceptional craftsmanship the region has been known for down the centuries. In return, each Magis product is created to the highest possible quality, reflecting its partners’ remarkable skills and knowledge.

“To fulfil our visions, we always search for exceptional design talents,” the company says, adding that many of these talents went on to become international design superstars along the way. Magis features a stunning portfolio of products and projects by renowned designers like Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Philippe Starck, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Jerszy Seymour. “Today, we consider them more than partners. They are part of the Magis family,” Magis shares.

Magis is a design wonderland of timeless, out-of-this-world masterpieces, creatively crafted to entice our senses. Here are some of their key collections:

Made from durable polyethylene, the Spun Stool by Thomas Heatherwick showcases the designer’s vivid imagination at work on a smaller scale. Like an oversized spindle from a fairy tale, it sits tipped over on one side, with a hollow in the top serving as a seat that is large enough to accommodate children and adults alike.

360° Container
This practical and elegant 360° Container 72 was created by the German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic for the Italian label Magis in 2010. As its name suggests, the 360° Container 72’s five identical elements can be rotated 360° as needed.

The Big Will Dining Table/Office Table was developed by Philippe Starck for Magis. The table is sleek and minimalist, with a nod to Art Deco using elegant curves where the legs meet the tabletop.

Cyborg Outdoor Armchair, designed by Marcel Wanders, is inspired by the concept of a cyborg – an organism that incorporates natural and artificial features. Taking cue from this, the chair features a unique material mix where glossy polycarbonate (the seat shell of the chair) complements natural wicker (the chair’s legs).

The cheerful Dodo rocking bird is a 2009 design by Oiva Toikka for Magis’ Me Too children’s collection. This piece is designed to be the ideal companion for every small child: durable, brightly coloured, and rounded, ensuring fun games and playing without the risk of injuries.

The extravagant Proust Outdoor Armchair was designed as early as 1978 by Alessandro Mendini and was re-released as an outdoor version by Magis in 2011. This exquisite piece is made of polyethene/plastic to fully express the designer’s imaginative and baroque use of forms.

With this Magis piece, Eero Aarnio proved once again how wonderful abstract plastic accessories for the young and the young at heart could look in your home! Puppy, which is part of Magis’ Me Too collection, is available in four sizes and a variety of brilliant colours.

Magis is available at Forest Furniture Malaysia.

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