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Colours for a Brave New World: AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year, Brave Ground Enlivens Homes with Hope and Beauty

by creativehomex

In these unprecedented times, our homes continue to be our personal sanctuary, allowing us to restore, renew and recalibrate ourselves. As we move forward, every home becomes a place where we can be brave enough to take the first steps towards a bright future.

Inspired by this sentiment, AkzoNobel, the leading decorative paints and coatings company and maker of Dulux paint, reveals their Colour of the Year for 2021: Brave Ground (also known as Wright Stone 10YY 30/106) to represent an emerging new world where calmness and uncertainty can co-exist in the same space.

According to AkzoNobel, Brave Ground is warm and neutral by nature, evoking stability, growth and potential while creating a sense of serenity. Neutral colours like Brave Ground can also either stand strong alone or help other colours to shine. To make it easy to apply, AkzoNobel has designed complementary colour palettes around Brave Ground to help consumers achieve the right look in their living spaces.

From this prominent colour, here are four distinctive palettes aptly named Expressive, Trust, Timeless and Earth to inspire you to create a beautiful abode that offers peace, harmony and space to brave through challenges.

Expressive: Dare to be You
The Expressive colours palette stands out with shades of reds and pinks that are balanced by soft neutrals – granting the courage to be yourself.

Palette Tip from AkzoNobel:
Varying shades of pinks and reds, these colours work brilliantly together and give scope for graphic designs. The warm foundation tone of Brave Ground holds these pops of colour together to give a unified and balanced feel to any room.

Trust: Connecting to Others
The Trust colours palette brings together earth tones from across the globe to encourage collaboration and a sense of community – offering reassurance in connection.

Palette Tip from AkzoNobel:
Clay, peat, chalk, loam – the Earth tones of Trust colours bring a unifying quality to any interior scheme. Soft, neutral greys and browns, these colours work brilliantly in combination to create a supportive and balanced feel – perfect for spaces where people want to come together and share ideas.

Timeless: Past Meets Present
The Timeless colours palette celebrates the old and the new with yellows, ochres and soft neutrals – lending inspiration to build on the past.

Palette Tip from AkzoNobel:
Marrying heritage and contemporary shades, the Timeless palette brings together shades of yellows and ochres, balanced with neutrals and the Colour of the Year. Energising without being overpowering, Timeless colours can help create a warm and upbeat feel in a room, and lend themselves to smart and subtle paint effects.

Earth: Naturally at Home
The Earth colours palette connects us to the natural world with blue, green and brown echoes of the sea, the sky and the soil – giving us the courage to adapt.

Palette Tip from AkzoNobel:
Blues, greens and browns, our Earth colours echo the shades of the natural world. They work naturally together and can bring a bit of the outside in, reminding us of our connection to the world around us, the resilience of nature and the need to protect it. These colours can bring a calm and restorative feel to a space and, balanced with Brave Ground and a mix of natural materials, can create a springboard for us to embrace a simpler way of living.

For more information about the 2021 Colour of the Year, visit https://www.akzonobel.com/en or follow #CF21 on social media.

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