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Library Rehabilitation & Communal Areas Restoration Project Initiated by Metrics Global & Carnaby Production for SJK(C) Batu 9, Cheras

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Knowledgeable society undeniably serves as the fundamental catalyst in stimulating national growth. However the habit of reading is deteriorating among the public as the popularity of interactive social media increases day by day.

In order to promote the habit of reading to the public and the future generations to come, Metrics Global has decided to launch its first library and communal areas rehabilitation programme at a local primary school – SJK(C) Batu 9, Cheras.

知识型社会是推进国家发展的催化剂。然而如今社交媒体崛起,传统读物日渐式微,公众的阅读习性正 转变。为了重新塑造公众和小孩对阅读的兴趣,Metrics Global倾力为蕉赖九哩华小美化图书馆与翻新 共空间。

Driven by Metrics Global’s yearly goal of partaking in corporate social responsibility, this year the Company aims to cultivate knowledgeable young generations starting by redesigning the school’s library and the surrounding communal spaces with an enhanced reading experience for pupils. An official launching ceremony was held on 22nd June 2019 in conjunction with the School Open Day.

Metrics Global延续一年一度的企业社会责任目标,今年公司由重新打造学校图书馆以及周边公共空 发,旨在改善学生的阅读体验,从而塑造知识型的年轻一代。此项计划将配合2019年6月22日学校开放日举 正式推介礼。

The entire project is separated into 3 stages as below: | 计划3个阶段进行:

Stage 1: Building Lives by Recreating Spaces | 第1阶段:栽种生命·重塑空间

Stage 1 involves the selection of interior design proposal based on a theme called “Building Lives” in April 2019. Metrics Global extended its invitation to students from 3 colleges including Saito College, Point College and Inti College to participate in redesigning school library. Eventually, “Germination”, a concept curated by Goh Chin Boon from Point College was selected as the design proposal fulfilled all aspects including ergonomic design, practical functionality and user experience.

第一阶段需以“栽种生命”为主题,挑选出合适的室内设计策划书。于是,在2019年4月期间,Metrics Global邀请来自斋藤学院(Saito College)、英迪国际大学(INTI International University)以及Point College的大专生参与设计全新的学校图书馆。最终,来自Point College的Goh Chin Boon 所提交的设计 子“Germination”结合了出众的人体工学设计、实用的空间功能以及别致的 用户体验等各个层面,成功脱颖而出。

The design proposal of “Germination” has been cleverly executed thereafter with strong support from various sponsors such as L&L Furnishings, KF Furniture, T&S Furniture, Take Living, Meriah Padu Sdn. Bhd., Haru Solutions, Empire Cabinets Sdn. Bhd., Virgo Laminates, Formica Malaysia, Royalam and many more. It took 2 months of detailed preparation for Metrics Global to materialise the design.

接着下来,“Germination”的设计蓝图获得赞助商协力支援,圆满地执行。多家热心教育的赞助 商包 L&L Furnishings, KF Furniture, T&S Furniture, Take Living, Meriah Padu Sdn. Bhd., Haru Solutions, Empire Cabinets Sdn. Bhd., Virgo Laminates, Formica Malaysia 及Royalam 等等。Metrics Global 耗费2 个月 筹备时间,依照计划精心完成设计工作。

Stage 2: Reviving Landscape by Reintroducing Greenery | 第2 阶段:重启绿化·培育植物

Acknowledging the importance of vegetation coverage towards a sustainable climate, Stage 2 involves the introduction of greenery with the objective of educating younger generations to grow, nurture and monitor the condition of plants. Metrics Global and Carnaby Production endeavoured to train our future generations to be aware of environmental sustainability in order to tackle global climate change.

在环保意识下,植被覆盖率对气候的影响至关重要,第2 阶段包括在校园内重启绿化工作,以实 际行动教育年轻一代种植、培育与监测植物生长的状况。Metrics Global 与Carnaby Production 携 手培训未来栋梁关心环境课题,正视气候变迁。

The Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia) has agreed to lend a helping hand by sponsoring 200 trees to the school. Each Standard 6 pupil will be assigned as guardian for each tree and they will be responsible for the wellbeing of these trees. Once the trees are grown to a matured height in about 4 months time, the Forestry Department will transfer these trees to secondary forests and recreational parks. The Company hopes that this meaningful initiative will be passed down and practiced by new batch of pupils year after year.

马来西亚半岛森林局(Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia)同意提供支援,将赞助200 颗 树苗予该校。校内每位6 年级的学生将被分配1 株幼苗,负责照料树苗茁壮成长。在大约4 个月 期间,当这些幼苗成长至一定的高度,森林局将把这些树木移植至次生树林或休闲公园。主办方 希望这项有意义的措施能够年复一年地交付予新一批学生,完成信念的传承与理念的实践。

In conjunction with the School Open Day, representatives from the Forestry Department will be present to demonstrate the entire process of planting and growing a tree to the pupils. With such efforts, the pupils are given hands-on experience in reintroducing greenery.

校园开放日期间,森林局代表出席典礼,并向学生讲解和演示种植与培育树木的整个过程。通过 这项努力,学生们可以亲身体验绿化环境的每一个环节。

Stage 3: Influencing You and Me, One Another | 第3 阶段:影响你我·互相鼓舞

Stage 3 involves engaging in a chain of impactful collaborations with the real estate developers. Whether if it is nurturing trees in a township, planting a tree for every property, or even setting up pocket gardens within shopping malls, all relevant initiatives are welcomed to collaborate with us. For instance, KLK  Land is onboard to sponsor this event and make all initiatives workable.

第3 阶段将邀请房地产发展商合作进行一系列宣导活动,无论是在城镇规划中大量培植树木、为 每一户人家种植绿色植物,或是在购物广场开辟袖珍植物园区,Metrics Global 欢迎发展商和我们 协力推动绿化活动。迄今,吉隆坡甲洞置地KLK Land 已经加入行列,资助并协助推行计划。

Currently, with a few awareness campaigns already rolled out to the public, Metrics Global is passionate and ambitious to gather more forces in the quest of environmental preservation and community improvement. The Company is dedicated in spreading positive values all around to create a better world together.

目前,随着数项醒觉运动在公众社群中并行展开,Metrics Global 秉持热情与壮志,力求在环境保 护与社区环境课题上凝聚更多力量。公司铆足干劲传播正面积极的价值观,期许共同创造更美好 的生活环境。


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