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IMM Cologne 2019 | Walk With Iko at IMM Cologne and Check Out These Top 5 Trends!


It was an eye-opening experience at the IMM Cologne 2019, one of the top international design fairs in the world which help to shape the furniture and interior world. From kitchen trends and amazing furniture pieces to the latest colour craze, walk with Iko In and get a glimpse of what’s in the spotlight at the recent Cologne fair.

The Top 5 Trends at IMM Cologne 2019

1 Furniture Frenzy
For visitors to IMM Cologne 2019, most of the new furniture may seem strangely familiar. Cool armchairs and light-footed sofas stand beside the currently ultra-popular sideboards; the few shelves (in the age of Twitter, YouTube and kindle, books are almost becoming exhibition pieces)…Retro is not an autonomous style, but rather a pervasive style element.

2 Atmospheric Trends
Whether poppy, in the industrial look or staged in a dark and elegant Art Deco atmosphere, furniture soloists populate our living rooms, while kitchens or bedrooms tend to be more systematically orderly. The gap between city and country, the lack of and the surplus of space, small and large furniture continues to grow.

3 Colours of the Tomorrow
In addition to the continuing trend of a light grey palette accompanied by nature or pastel shades, which, however, appears to be less inspired by Scandinavian features than by nature and ethno motifs, there are two important directions: colourful and dark-elegant. Completely trendy are warm colours tending to dark that harmonise with reddish wood, and the dark blue and green shades of which allow an Art Deco feeling to arise through the combination with gold and bronze.

4 Material Magic
Wood is simply invincible. It is not only sustainable, but also cosy, healthy and versatile. It is presently staged as raw as possible: not coarse, but “un-smooth”. Besides this, metal in particular is popular, usually in warm, high-quality colours and surfaces like gold and bronze. Glass is in the process of establishing itself as a third force among materials. Basket and wickerwork are also popular, while natural stone turns up here and there as an exclusive companion. Leather is preferably used soft and luxurious, and as far as home textiles go, one classic fabric is really in the race with upholstery fabrics in puristic quality: velvet.

5 Smart and Smarter Homes
IMM Cologne and LivingKitchen, which took place simultaneously, showed special exhibitions dedicated to this theme, in which applications across solutions were presented through the examples of a kitchen staging, a business apartment and a smart home. However, smart home technology will tend to establish itself less as a special solution and more as an integral element of home furnishing.

Images and info courtesy of IMM Cologne 2019. For more info visit http://www.imm-cologne.com

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