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Creative Endeavour: MDS Design Solution

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For this lively office, an open and vibrant ambience is achieved through the clever use of colour-coded spaces and fun details.

LOCATED IN AMPWALK, JALAN AMPANG, the International Federation Red Cross Societies (IFRC)’s new office features a strong design concept that brings the organization’s culture and identity under one roof. MDS Design Solution, the interior design firm which was commissioned to revamp the 20,000 sqft office space attributes the eye-catching aesthetics of the new office to IFRC’s thoughtful requirements for an interactive yet vibrant workplace.

“The CEO of IFRC wanted to create a new working environment that’s more open and spacious while expressing a strong identity that depicts the organization’s objectives and motivation,” Jimmytan, MDS Design Solution’s Design Principal explains. “The new office should also be a sharing-oriented workspace; thus we started off the design with an open space layout to accommodate the different departments in a collaborative way.” With a total of 12 departments and 90 employees comprising permanent local staff members and overseas delegate spread across 3 floors, it was important to make sure there’s proper demarcation between one area to another. Additionally, IFRC requested to break away from the usual glossed-up, corporate and commercial design approach seen in many offices.

“Taking IFRC’s suggestions into consideration, we went for a modern contemporary design concept that’s complemented by a pop-up colour theme as way to create a cohesive interior space where each department is easily identified,” he says.

According to Jimmytan, colour is used judiciously to bring out the function of each spaces while creating visual demarcation for different wings. “We assigned a specific colour for each wing as way to provide instant identification of these different spaces,” he says. “We also infused the palette with trendy materials and unique details for immediate visual interest.”

Along with using colours, Jimmytan also created what he called a ‘3-direction design focus’ via the wall, floor and ceiling. For the walls, the assigned colours are painted as a feature wall colour. Other walls are enhanced with graphic visuals via inkjet stickers. Moving on to the floors, carpet tiles with accent borders were used. Above, the ceiling features an organic-shaped element donning the assigned colour.

Everything is kept streamlined in this office to ensure a contemporary outlook. However, bold touches are also applied to imbue the spaces with a touch of unique personality. For instance, at the reception area, a red feature wall (IFRC’s corporate colour) complemented by graphic words streaming across the white-washed walls highlight the space. Further into the main workspaces, a tree-shaped cut-out feature painted in sunshine yellow gives the library a whimsical feel. “This ‘tree’ is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile,” Jimmytan says. “It’s been on my bucket list all this time – I am glad it’s finally realized!”

Overall, with creative attention to details and a well-configured layout, Jimmytan has successfully created an office that is open, more coordinated and carries a strong identity that’s memorable in every way. Spaces are also designed to encourage more creativity and interaction – values that contribute to higher work productivity. “People are always an important element when it comes to designing an inspired workplace,” he says. “Hence, we made sure that IFRC’s new office blends together features that instil a sense of interaction between employees while putting the company’s image in the best light.”



Jimmytan is the Design Principal of Mood Design Solution (MDS), an exciting and innovative interior design firm in Malaysia. After graduating from his interior design studies, he started his practice in 2000. With experience in interior design for the retail, corporate and residential sectors, Jimmytan emphasizes quality and efficiency in his designs. “It’s important to always work out the most efficient solutions based on client’s requirements. The client is the king yet when he or she engages the designer, a certain level of trust is crucial to execute it. A sense of ownership will create the best result,” says this talented designer. “Ultimately, design efficiency is important – in the long run this approach will be cost saving.” Jimmytan currently resides in Kuala Lumpur and loves working out, doing yoga as well as immersing in property investment studies during his free time.

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