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Scandi Chic: Cosy Penthouse with a Touch of Scandinavian Flair

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A tasteful matte finish is a concurring theme throughout this residence – adding elegance and class in every inch of space here. Having a touch of this glossy, gleaming surface in the living hall, dining space and kitchen complements the features in these respective spaces. The living hall exudes elegance with the addition of meticulously selected pastel furniture pieces to the set-up.

At the heart of this home, the kitchen showcases vibrant golden hued lighting, which further adds to the glossy glamour of the surroundings. The black surfaces of its wall panels and table glimmer, reflecting the golden rays emanating from the hanging lights on the ceiling. Encased in customised light decor design, these lights are a sight to behold. The swirl of black and gold provides the impression of being in a bright, golden era of time, and attaining a precious, priceless living space. Wood-based finishes are effortlessly fused into the harmonious ambience.

Family dinner time is an important part of the homeowners’ lifestyle. Hence, they have chosen a large table to convey a spacious, roomy feel at the dining room. The dining table is made of carefully selected chengal solid timber, and features iron-made table legs with shades of black, which is a similar colour to the kitchen’s border glass door.



Designed with a cosy open space concept, the master bedroom emphasis on space functionality and its interaction with the young homeowners without any major barriers cluttering their way. Equipped with a small but functional work space at the side of its sleeping area, the bedroom also comes with a leisure area and a walk-in wardrobe, which is separated by a wooden concealed door.

The walk-in wardrobe features an eye-catching full-height sliding mirror which portraits a luxury lifestyle. For leisure, a 360-degree rotatable TV console is built to allow the homeowners to watch TV on their couch or on the bed. This bedroom is crafted according to the owner’s special requirements, conveying a romantic, darker, hotel-inspired atmosphere. This allows them to come home and relax in a hotel-like environment after a busy day.

And if there are visitors who wish to spend the night here, the comfortable, lavishly furnished guest room provides an ideal sanctuary for rest. This guest room is every bit as exquisite as the rest of the home.

Illustrated displays adorn the AV room’s wall, with a dazzling spotlight accentuating their beauty as well as the mood of the room. Various hues of classy, glossy brown are visible on the sofa and carpeting of this room. There are also sofas in certain bedrooms – each of them customised to suit the different tastes and identity of the rooms’ respective inhabitants.

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