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5 Ways To Decorate A Bedroom With Colours

by chxadmin

We can all name at least one of our favourite colours, but not all of them are helpful for inducing comfort and relaxation in the bedroom.

While most of us may have strong opinions regarding our own favourite colours – or even a shade of someone else’s choice, there are universally understood implications associated with certain colours. Despite the many ways in which people differ, we generally agree that colours affect us in relatively predictable ways across most cultures.

Consequently, saturating a bedroom in a favoured colour may not necessarily result in a space that is conducive for sleep, and the outcome may be a jarring décor that inadvertently induces less sleep. In this decorating guide, we take a closer look at the upsides and downsides of some of the most popular colour schemes and their effects on the psyche.

1 Hello Yellow

Interior design by: Nu Infinity

The noted sunflower enthusiast Vincent Van Gogh once remarked, “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” Yellow elicits creative impulses by evoking imagery of sunlight and summer blossoms, making the colour a welcome addition that enlivens and draws attention in neutral coloured bedrooms. But as with everything else in life, some moderation should be exercised as yellow implies heightened energy levels – and when overused, can lead to eye-strain, or even feelings of frustration in introverts. Decorated by Nu Infinity, the pictured bedroom demonstrates the invigorating effect of yellow when used as an accent in an otherwise plain space.

2 Earthy Terracotta

Interior design by: Bazarbayu

Traditionally the preferred material for use in sculptures and the sun-baked rooftops of Mediterranean homes, terracotta is prized for the material’s association with antique works of art, but it still sees occasional use in affecting a rustic charm in modern spaces with warm and earthy tones. As a family of colours ranging from yellow to brown and resembling ancient fired clay, terracotta is complemented by neutral coloured backgrounds and softened by plush fabrics. Decorated by Bazerbayu, the pictured bedroom is saturated in a terracotta shade resembling sundried tomatoes, presented alongside rich textiles in a visually appealing balance against a neutral background.

3 Shades of Grey

Interior design by: Surface R

Out of all the colours that make up the neutral palette, grey is perhaps the most versatile – being capable of evoking buoyancy or gravity with slight adjustments in brightness. Light or dark, the use of grey provides a cooling shade that evokes a sense of space and blends easily in contemporary or minimalist interiors. In the pictured bedroom decorated by Surface R, subtle variations in grey are utilised to create the perception of depth and texture, with different shades of grey used in the fabrics of the space and special effects paints to portray brushstrokes on the wall.

4 Soothing Greens

Design: Stylecraft Design

Calmer tones like deep greens that blend well with neutrals including beiges and greys are making a comeback. This palette is almost applicable anywhere due to its soothing nature that promotes a sense of well-being and serenity. In this example, by Stylecraft Design, light teal in a gradient effect is used as the feature wall colour to bring out the whimsical decor of this children’s bedroom. The result is a fairytale-like ambience that has a minimalist twist to it without compromising a childlike wonder aesthetic.

5 Treading in Red

Design: SQFT Space Design Management

Bold reds are fiery, energetic, and infuses spaces with a vibrant vibe. However, if you are looking to use this colour in the bedroom, you would need to tone it down. After all, the bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. SQFT Space Design Management did a wonderful job to incorporate red accents in this room without going overboard. The key element here is to balance it with dark neutrals like deep greys and black. This palette enhances the room with a touch of depth and texture, while keeping things clean and clutter-free.

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