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5 Best Kitchen Hoods in Malaysia

by chxadmin

While we certainly appreciate the heady fumes of a home-cooked meal after a long day, most of us could do without the smell of cooking spreading to the far corners of the house between meals. As anyone who has worked over a hot stove can attest, a proper kitchen needs a means of moving air around – not just so that the chef gets to enjoy a fresh breeze, but also to keep the kitchen from turning into a spectacle of smoke and grease fires, which is why we looked at the best cooker hoods around and listed our top five favourites here.


If you are looking for a good-looking, hardworking hood Bosch Series | 6 wall-mounted cooker hood would check all the right boxes. Featuring a 90 cm clear glass black printed form, this hood comes equipped with PerfectAir sensor which provides automatic control of settings for maximal extractor performance with minimal noise. With an extraction rate of 730 m3/h to ensure optimal kitchen air quality, this extra silent hood features an inclined design which gives it an elegant appearance – but it’s more than meets the eye, because the angled structure makes it convenient for you to keep an eye on your hob while reducing the chances of bumping your head on it! With hidden screws and cables along with rounded edges, it’s also easy to clean the hood interior.



Quality and high performance define the Culitec cooker hood, meticulously designed with a modern appearance that fit into contemporary kitchens elegantly. Featuring Culitec’s unique auto link function, these hoods can be wirelessly linked to Culitec gas and electric hobs to give you a seamless experience in the kitchen. Made with high grade materials to ensure durability, Culitec hoods come with powerful motors that can extract all steam and odours so that you can rest assured your kitchen stays clean and fresh all the time.

If you are going for a sleek and minimalist-looking hood, the EXB90SS-L model features a 4-speed touch control chimney extractor in stainless steel finish and comes equipped with auto hob linkage. It also incorporates a charcoal filter and dual mode, allowing you to choose between ducted or recirculating mode.

Made from aluminium alloy, Culitec’s EXA90MB-L model presents an ultra-modern hood for modern cookspaces with its matt black finish. The hood offers a 3-speed electronic switch control with power boost and comes with a stainless steel aluminium grease filter. Like all Culitec’s appliances, it is also equipped with auto linkage which works wirelessly with your gas hobs. When you turn on your hob to cook, the cooker hood automatically turns on and when you are done, it will automatically turn off after one and half a minute.




The highly coveted FOTILE X-Series range hoods (AMG9007), which feature an innovative design to redirect the path of cooking smoke, will take your kitchen to the next level of cleanliness and efficiency. Sleek and sophisticated, the hood features an ultra-thin, ultra-low, and ultra-clean aesthetic to infuse modern kitchens with a touch of contemporary elegance.

Unlike ordinary hoods, FOTILE X-Series comes with a closer extraction feature which places the hood at only 335 mm from the smoke origin. This allows it to capture cooking smoke straight from the source efficiently – thus, no more oily smoke and odour escaping to other spaces! With a touch of a button, the hood’s high performance yet quiet extraction feature also offers intelligent air distribution according to the smoke volume. This hood is also filter-free; you can easily keep it clean with a simple wipe to restore its lustrous surface. Additionally, you can turn the hood on and off with a wave of your hand, thanks to its Smart SMOTION (Smoke + Motion) detector. Bright LED lights with three brightness levels integrated into the hood also ensure you can cook in a brightly-lit environment.



Lebensstil Kollektion

LKCHi-9120 is the first model of the new Inverter Series cooker hoods by Lebensstil Kollektion. It is a well-designed, high-performance cooker hood that meets users’ need for efficiency and aesthetic in the kitchen. Incorporated with a fully-sealed DC inverter motor, this hood is powerful yet energy-saving, consuming 63% less energy while ensuring 14% more air flow and generating 91% more air pressure compared to a conventional motor. When turned on, the hood is very quiet with a low operational noise level of less than 53dB – this is akin to the sound of conversations at normal volume.

The hood also comes with 9-Speed Stepless Changing, offering users a simple and easy way to adjust the hood’s speed according to the demand, which saves electricity in the long run. With its sensor touch control, tempered glass finish and metal fan with Teflon finish, this smart-looking hood is truly an essential piece to have in modern kitchens.



Quiet yet powerful. Sophisticated and elegant. The new QUADRO DLV 998 Hood from Teka is power-packed with high performance features that fit perfectly into modern kitchens. As one of the quietest hoods around, this hood produces a noise level of only 37dB, which is equivalent to conversation volume when it is turned on – this means you can barely hear it even when it is running at full capacity. This hood also comes with an ECOPOWER motor, which ensures the lowest power consumption (27 Kwh/year) while offering you maximum absorption capacity. Easy to clean and operate, this hood is designed with a CONTOUR perimeter aspiration system that renews the air in your kitchen 27 times every hour, keeping the space clean and odour-free.



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