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Metal Mode: 7 Unique Ways to Incorporate Metal Frame Shelves into Your Home

by chxadmin

Shelving units constructed from sleek metal frames effortlessly infuse a contemporary-industrial appearance while offering functional storage space to display your accessories. These seven custom-designed shelves by professional interior designers exemplify the many ways we can incorporate them in our living spaces.

1 Viewing Pleasure
As metal frames offer ample structural flexibility, you can adjust them easily to fit different wall spaces. For instance, this shelving unit hovers beautifully atop the flat screen TV, drawing attention to the focal wall.

2 Counter Effect
Nowhere does a suspended metal frame shelving unit work better than over a standalone island counter in the kitchen. When installed at the right height, it can be used to conceal the hob and at the same time give you space to store your kitchenware.

3 Casual Chic
In the bedroom, metal frame shelves can provide a strong but casual finishing touch. However, ensure that you don’t store too many items on these open shelves – they can end up looking very cluttered. Keep it clean and simple.

4 Side Piece
In this bedroom, a wall-hung metal frame shelf serves as a subtle yet practical element to visually separate the bed area from the adjacent study space.

Interior design by: Surface R Sdn Bhd

5 Divide and Conquer
For larger master bedroom suites, a suspended shelving unit works wonders as a streamlined divider while remaining as a functional feature.

Interior design by: Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd

6 Strong Connection
If you have two ends of a wall that result in a bare corner, metal frame shelves can create a continuous visual link between both. In this home office, it works beautifully as a bookshelf in the corner, keeping the space clean and contemporary.

Interior design by: X Two Concept Sdn Bhd

7 Wide Open
In lieu of a walled up walk-in wardrobe, the use of metal frames to create the wardrobe area results in a very sleek and slender open closet space that provides a sense of lightweight transparency.

Interior design by: X Dimension Design

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