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The Home Concept Furniture Special | Authentically Classic

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You don’t have to go to an antique store to get your hands on classical European and countryside-inspired furniture, The Home Concept Furniture store makes them the same way they’ve always been made – one piece at a time, and with loving care.

The average search for classical furniture may lead homeowners to antiques or reproductions, where the former entails patience in finding the “right” piece – and for the latter, some willingness to forgo authenticity in favour of availability. The Home Concept Furniture store in Sungai Buloh straddles the division between rare authenticity and mass-produced availability with classically-inspired furniture and decorative accessories for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and nearly every part of the home, as the founder of The Home Concept Furniture Melody Ee puts it: “Our mission is to provide the highest quality and comfort in furniture and deco items to help homeowners live a lifestyle similar to that found in the English countryside.”

Prior to the creation of The Home Concept Furniture, Melody Ee found a love for European-influenced furniture designs while working in the furniture detailing industry, as she put it: “I find classical furniture very beautiful, and when a room is decorated in classical style – it just feels cosy”. Bolstered by a passion for the décor of the English countryside and the hands-on experience of furniture detailing, Melody opened her store in Sungai Buloh in 2011. To date, the catalogue of The Home Concept Furniture store contains everything a homeowner would need to assemble a completely classical home – in addition to furniture; their offerings also include decorative accessories such as tea sets, lamp shades, and fabrics.

While other classical furniture stores may present reproductions awkwardly drawing inspiration from disparate realms of influence, each series designed and offered by The Home Concept Furniture is faithful to the subgenre of classical style for which it is named: the Queen Anne series appropriately captures the restrained ornamentation of 18th-century aesthetics – with the subsequent series of King George, Elizabeth, and Diana being tributes to the subsequent styles of English decoration as they evolved over time.

The Diana bedroom set strives to embody the aesthetic philosophies of the People’s Princess, bridging the divide between royal tradition and modern ambitions in an enigmatic and less-often reproduced style.

In addition to the popular classical English styles, the Louis series evokes the curves of French classicism – an aesthetic that is highly sought after by homeowners looking to assemble a classical décor that is authentic to the other side of the Channel. Supplementing the European offerings of The Home Concept Furniture’s catalogue are the Virginia and Texas series, named after the styles predominant in North America during the colonial era – the Virginia series pays homage to colonial missionary style while the Texas series harks to the free-spirited nature of the arid South Central United States.

The uncomplicated lines and removable slip covers of the Virginia series of living room furniture evoke the picturesque landscapes of Virginia’s Atlantic coastline and Blue Ridge Mountains.

Since its inception, The Home Concept Furniture has served an affluent clientele including royal families, ministries, and heads of state, as well as local professionals and developers – but their furniture is made highly accessible to homeowners due to a stable of participating retailers that has grown to over 20 representative outlets located around both East and West Malaysia, with more partnerships slated to be penned in the next few years. While readily available through retailers around the country, their robust local presence belies their surprising popularity overseas, as Melody states, “Our largest export markets would be in Asia, followed by Africa and the Middle East.”

With an international reputation to uphold, The Home Concept Furniture is an entity that is serious about quality, “We do quality control on an individual unit basis: we look at each piece – we look at things like the quality of wood, colour, workmanship, among other things.” said Melody, in describing her company’s quality control standards.

It is not just furnishings that get the classical treatment – when The Home Concept Furniture showcased their offerings at the recent Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE), they went away with an award for best booth design. On whether we could expect to see more of The Home Concept Furniture at similar exhibitions in the future, Melody did let slip that they would be a name to look out for: “We’ll be participating in a number of exhibitions this year, the soonest upcoming events will be happening in JB and Penang.”

The Home Concept Furniture
AL32F, Jalan Kampung
Baru Sungai Buloh
47000 Sungai Buloh
Selangor Darul Ehsan

+603 6157 0999
+603 6140 2277
thehomeconcept@gmail.com / exportmktg@thehomeconcept.com.my


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