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5 Stylish Guestroom Design Ideas

by creativehomex

If you frequently have guests over for overnight stays, it pays to invest some time to improve your guest bedrooms. Cosy guest rooms are uncluttered, and comfortable. You can also add your own unique touches to spruce it up. In this article, we have rounded up some bedroom inspirations from Malaysian interior designers.

1. Simple Yet Stylish
Keep the decor simple but tasteful. Use interesting lighting and complementary bedding to bring out a soothing and relaxing vibe.

Design: IQI Concept

2. Decorative Accents
Guestrooms don’t need to be boring and empty. Spice up the bedside tables or small corners with your favourite decorative items.

Design: Armarior

3. Prints and Patterns
Use eye-catching motifs and accent colours on patterns and prints to create a trendy guestroom

Design: SQFT Space Design Management

4. Trendy Bedding
Stylish bedsheets, comforters or throw pillows are easy ways to generate a sense of style in guestrooms.

Design: GI Design

5. Creative Headboard
Attractive headboards can enhance a guest bedroom. Think about contrasting colours or sleek materials.

Design: Artillia

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