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Gold Rush: Swaths of Energising Gold Enliven This Exquisite Home

by chxadmin

A new home, for a new family – the stunning duplex apartment located in Sunway Damansara is home to the, stillfairly- newlyweds, actor Fahrin Ahmad, 37 and Elena Eleas, 38. With smiles all around and colours that really enhance the voluminous apartment, the happy couples’ aura reflects the cheerful décor, as we talk about their new home over some brunch.


Thanks to Dulux Paints, Fahrin and Elena now have a space that they love and can settle into, building their family. Deciding together to undergo major renovations, they transformed the space together creating the home of their dreams.

Beginning their renovations with the colours, Fahrin and Elena collaborated with Dulux, using Dulux’s colour palette from ‘Colour of the Year 2016. Creating an exciting interior, Fahrin boasted about just how much the colour transformed the space, saying, “compared to what it was previously, we now have lighter and brighter colours which make it look so refreshed. Spaces feel larger and more energised, and visually, it’s just more dynamic. It’s amazing what the right colours can do to a space.”


To invigorate and energise the living spaces, Dulux Ambiance Linen Warm Gold 35YY 59/533 and Dulux Ambiance Pearl Glo 35YY 59/533 were used on the doubleheight wall in the living area. The paint effects of the Linen is inspired by natural and rustic linen, making this wall stand out with a unique textured fabric effect. With natural light streaming in through the large windows reflecting off the paint, the living space radiates with beauty and luminosity.

In their spacious master bedroom, Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2016 – Monarch Gold 20YY 36/370 and Honey Moon 52YY 89/117 are used creating an elegant yet tranquil space. Being Elena’s favourite colour, she found furnishing her home around the colour easy, integrating neutral tones to contrast against the gold as well enhancing it at the same time. Both Fahrin and Elena are over moon with Dulux’s Colour of The Year 2016 palette,  as it suits their style perfectly.

So, now that they’ve renovated their home together, what would be their best piece of advice for homeowners looking to do a bit of renovation?

“Based on our experience, when choosing colours and paint, you need to follow the experts’ advice. Listen to what they have to say because they are after all professionals and they know about these things. The best thing about Dulux is that they offer free colour consultation services. They will help you choose the right colour scheme and colours especially for your space. Always refer to colour palettes too – Dulux has an app which allows you to browse through their catalogue of colours, so that helps when deciding on a colour.”


With a beautiful new home for the amiable couple, Fahrin shared some last words: “We would like to thank you Dulux for helping us create our   home! Thanks for always entertaining our requests.”


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