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Slumber Pretty: 10 Incredibly Stylish Bedrooms That You Will Love

by chxadmin

Cosy, modern bedrooms with hearty doses of style are now a dream come true. The key to success? A balanced palette, stunning headboards and, of course, a totally comfortable bed. Here are some designer ideas to inspire you.

1 Monochrome Elegance
A sleek black and white colour theme is engaged to bring out a bold and confident outlook in this master suite. We love how the panel walls painted in inky black double up as the headboard to give the interior style a seamless appearance.
Design by: Metrics Global Sdn Bhd

2 Demure Details
Sometimes small details work wonders to create the perfect finishing touches. Effective elements include bedside tables, a stylish lamp, your favourite art pieces and plush pillows.
Design by: The Roof Studio

3 Cool and Calm
A soothing palette with balmy undertones amp up the cosy factor in this bedroom. Furniture is kept minimal while natural light and lamps add on to the laid-back atmosphere.
Design by: Gusto Design & Build

4 Luxuriously Lush
Charming with a sophisticated touch, this bedroom employs a collection of quality soft furnishing to infuse a touch of luxury without going overboard.
Design by: Beverly Home Sdn Bhd

5 Vibrant Variety
A combination of materials offers just the ideal backdrop for a collection of interesting features in this bedroom.
Design by: Design Base Sdn Bhd

6 Plaid Perfection
It’s interesting how the matching plaid fabric pieces in this bedroom come together beautifully. However it’s important to break the monotony of the same print with concrete surfaces and timber flooring.

Design by: X Dimension Design

7 Executive Elegance
Sometimes, less is more. Modern minimalism combined with darker overtones makes this executive pad all the more elegant.
Design by: Surface R

8 Industrial Illusion
Industrial aesthetics and classical elements bring an air of aged sophistication to this room. This space favors eclectic decor and is goes back to basics by featuring an exposed brick wall.
Design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

9 Subtle Spark
This room still adheres to a modern conventional design despite its neutral palette contrasting against a flair of personality. However, the splashes of yellow in the form of well-lit box niches give it a youthful twist.
Design: Casa Indah Design

10 Cosy Romance
Thrust up against sliding balcony doors, nothing is as seductive as this bedroom featuring dark wood and reflective metal accents, fused by a generous supply of sunlight.
Design: Nu Infinity

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