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Fresh Forward: JCS Design Project

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Bright, welcoming and delightfully trendy, this home is brimming with nature influences in the form of contemporary details.

Nature is a favourite source of inspiration amongst designers, but what’s fascinating about nature-themed interiors is how they each take on their own unique look and feel. This home designed by JCS Design Project is the perfect example of nature as its muse. At first glance it is decisively modern but look closer and you’d discover a range of nature influences within its well-styled spaces.

What’s immediately apparent in the living room is its fresh ambience that’s complemented by a stylish set of grey sofas and armchairs along with a blue-striped rug.

On one side of the wall, the entire surface is painted a deep blue, which stands out in stark contrast from the white walls around it.

On the sofas, blue and chequered pillows accentuate the space while the illuminated ceiling detail adds in a keen sense of aesthetics.

In the dining area, a six-seater dining set is the star of the show, highlighted by the cluster pendant lamps above.

Moving towards the kitchen, warm wood cabinets juxtapose with the black cabinetry above the counter, which is also finished in a dark tone.

More wood cabinets line the entire wall on the opposite side to keep the look cohesive.

Light grey tones and wood detailing set off a very personalized mood that’s completely stylish at the same time.

An outdoor concept with cut-outs of mountains on the wall and wood-framed bed truly bring out an attractive theme that would entice small children immediately.

For the second bedroom, the designer kept the look and feel sophisticated with dark grey walls and wood shelving with black accents.

For the third bedroom the nature-inspired concept is further expressed as a contemporary space that comes complete with custom-made furniture finished in dark grey and wood tones.

Featured in iD iNdesign magazine vol.91

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