Home ID 8,000 Sqft Home Designed with Nature-Inspired Decor and Trendy Colours: GI Design

8,000 Sqft Home Designed with Nature-Inspired Decor and Trendy Colours: GI Design

by creativehomex

Nature-inspired accents lead the main theme of this home, resulting in a dwelling that’s bright, cheerful and welcoming.

Details key in the right dose of style and aesthetics in this home interior designed by GI Design Sdn Bhd. A mix of light colours enhances solid surfaces to bring out a minimalist look that is vibrant and chic at the same time.

The pared-down, laid-back theme starts in the living room, where velvety blue seating pieces infuse the space with a stylish tone. A brown rug pulls the composition together, enhanced by the circular coffee table.

It’s interesting that carefully selected accents are applied strategically in this home to bring out a distinctive nature-inspired theme in a contemporary way. In the living area, there is an art print showcasing green leaves placed on the wall next to a modern brown couch. Actual green leaves that look similar to the art print is seen again in a vase on the dining table.

In another corner, the designer went for a bolder look by dressing the entire wall with wallcovering that features green leaves stacked upon one another. Next to it, a pair of leafy art prints are seen on the wall behind a camel brown armchair. These decorative effects strengthen the design theme while creating visual continuity throughout the home.

Nevertheless, the accents tone down in the kitchen where a refreshing palette of light tones dominates the space. A kitchen island adorned with grey countertop offers the owners ample space to serve and prepare food while acting as a breakfast bar at the same time. The same grey polished surface is used for the kitchen counter, complemented by minimalist wall shelves and glass backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling.

In the master bedroom, its earthy and simple palette is made more elegant using bronze curtains as well grey upholstered headboard.

In the second bedroom, the monochromatic palette is enhanced using abstract art prints that depict green leaves to create a sense of cohesive decor with the main living area. As for the kid’s bedroom, teal is the colour of choice to invite a playful ambience. Charming illustrations grace the wall, adding to the chic outlook of the room.

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