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Shaping Up Spaces: Geometric Decor Ideas for Your Living Spaces

by chxadmin

A universal decorating element, geometric décor is incredibly trendy right now, whether you are using it to decorate a feminine or masculine-themed room or even a children’s room.

Buying or making some cool geo bedding is the easiest idea to bring fashionable patterns to your space. You can choose various colours and prints and change them as often as you want.

Shaping Up Your Living Space
Here, we’ll take a look at using geometric prints and designs for living room décor. Shelves, stools and chairs, sofas and sideboards in geometric shapes or just with geo patterns can be a cool base for a stylish living space.

Another way to incorporate geometric patterns is going for textiles: curtains, rug and upholstery – it’s actually really easy to make and very budget-friendly. If you are ready for more radical changes, then try painting wall and floors with geometric motifs. Otherwise, a statement geometric lamp or chandelier can be a cool finishing touch.

Geo-Decorating the Bedroom
Bedrooms are also a wonderful place to use geometric prints or motifs. There are two most popular ways to incorporate geometric patterns into bedroom décor: bedding or headboards.

A geometric headboard is also a real attraction that highlights your sleeping place.You can also go for geometric art pieces, lamps, chandeliers, wallpapers or even floor décor. Get inspired by these ideas and make your bedroom pop!

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