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Sleeping Beauty: 2018’s Top 5 Bedroom Trends

by chxadmin

Bedrooms are about get a stylish makeover in the upcoming year with interesting details for the bed. Here are some the top bedroom features that would be making their way into modern sleeping quarters to give us a stylish night sleep.

1. Oversized or Nonexistent Headboards
Bedsteads are occasionally sold as separate parts, with the platform and headboard priced individually, which opens up the possibility of adding a bespoke headboard. Oversized headboards, especially those that meld with a ceiling tray feature, form a luxurious frame around the bed. For those looking for an awe-inspiring bedroom, we recommend going for a larger-than-average headboard.

In lieu of a ready-made headboard, a cosy alcove is created from a wood façade that melds with the ceiling and the opposite wall. From Creative Home Issue #154. Image Credit: Nu Infinity

Headboards are useful, as anyone who has bumped their head against a wall while sleeping can attest, but their size tends to make for unbalanced proportions in small spaces. With space increasing in value faster during the urban era than ever before, some may opt for a thinner and less imposing headboard, or do away with the headboard entirely for a loft-inspired bedroom.

Fabric panels are affixed to the wall for a bespoke headboard. From iN Design Issue #66. Image Credit: Turn Design

2. Adjoined Bedside Tables
We carry all kinds of things with us right up to the time we slip between the sheets: glasses, beverages, reading material, and even electronic devices, which makes bedside tables crucial additions to bedrooms. Instead of adhering to convention and spending the time to pick out bedside tables that match, or being forced to keep the bedside tables bundled with your bedroom set, we recommend looking for a bedframe that comes with adjoining bedside surfaces.

The bedside surfaces in this bedroom are joined to the wall and appear to float above the floor. From Creative Home Issue #150. Image Credit: GDY Design & Construction

3. Tatami-Style Beds
Perhaps in a collective effort to return to simpler times, we have been seeing tatami-styled bed platforms making a come-back. These low-profile bedframes are ideal for small spaces as they appear less imposing by obstructing less of the walls and help to make the bedroom seem more spacious. Bonus points are to be had in securing a low-profile bedframe with adjoined bedside tables.

The low-profile bed platform helps to maintain the illusory expanse of the space. Image Credit: OHLAB

4. Dark Colours
While light shades and pastel colours work well with Malaysia’s tropical sunlight, we have been seeing darker shades and more saturated colours returning to dominate bedrooms. A bedroom decorated in a dark palette will seem more luxurious when blending darker shades of a colour together. Additionally, the people who study the effects of colour theorise that darker colours in the bedroom are more condusive to sleep than light colours.

Dark shades of brown are used as the background colour in this bedroom, with white being used moderately in the foreground. Image Credit: Luna Solutions

5. Statement Lighting
Recessed lighting concealed behind ceiling trays have been used in plenty of interiors these past few years, but we forsee a rising trend of designers opting to use statement lighting pieces in the bedroom. A large chandelier helps to alter the proportion of the bedstead in relation to the bedroom and can serve equally well as a piece of art when turned on or off.

Note the elegant element hanging in the corner of this bedroom. From Creative Home Issue #153. Image Credit: The Roof Studio


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