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【From Gen 1.0 to Gen 5.0】What are the Types of Awning Material In Malaysia?

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Malaysia has hot and humid equatorial climate all year long, many will install awning or pergola outside their house to shield their houses from the sun and rain. If the awning or pergola is big enough, it will be another space to be fully utilised. It is a necessary aspect when it comes to renovation. This article will be a great tutorial regarding the most popular materials for pergola in Malaysia, functionality, advantages and disadvantages.

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The function of a pergola:

The most important function of a pergola is to shield off the sun and rain. Besides, it has some other functions too.

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Energy saving and heat shielding

By blocking direct sunlight into the house, the temperature in the house will be lower. One might not need to switch the air-cond on while using only the fans for cooling purpose. This could save the wastage of electricity.

Protect outdoor furniture

The UV rays will make the floor and furniture fade. If you have outdoor furniture at home, pergola will help extend the life of the furniture.

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Improve the outdoor space

Without the pergola, we would seldom spend time outdoors. By installing pergola, it will increase the frequency of us using the outdoor space. While providing shades during the day, the family can spend their time outdoor at night, and get closer with the nature.

Enhance the overall outlook of a building

We’ve seen many awnings and pergolas which are less aesthetically pleasing. Hence, by installing a trendy looking awning or pergola it could be the decorative portion of your house, and enhances the overall look.

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Types of materials for awning and pergola

1.0 Metal Deck Zinc

It can be recycled and reused, eco-friendly. It comes in a variety of colours but limited in style. Metal deck zinc is heavy duty, and light in weight. Even though it is light, but it can still shield the sun and rain off very well. The biggest disadvantage is that it creates noises. Especially during rainy day, the sound of rain falling on the metal might cost you some good night sleep. If there were fault during installation, the water will enter the panel, rain water might collect at the roof deck and causes molding, rusting and water leakage bringing hazards to the roofing system. So one will need to always be ready for maintenance.

2.0 Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is the strongest thermoplastic material. It is a strong material and known for maintaining temperature resistance. Polycarbonate pergola are way lighter than metallic ones. Price wise, it is much cheaper than glass. If you have low budget and you’re looking for a low maintenance material, polycarbonate will be the best choice. It can block up to 99% of UV rays without blocking the visible light. It has a light permeability as high as 90%. It’s one of the best materials for natural lighting. It is durable, be it harsh sunlight or heavy rain, it can withstand the weather without its colour changing or fading. It’s suitable to be used at balcony and deck area.

2.0 Aluminium composite panel

Aluminium composite panel is also known as aluminium plastic panel. It is a light material consists of two layers of aluminium panels sandwiching a layer of low-density composite plastic material between them. It is a heavy-duty material. It is a great decorative material to go along with all kinds of styles. Its other properties are, great weather resistance, anti-corrosive, impact resistant, fire resistant, moisture resistant, anti-shock.

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Since it is made of aluminium, it has no worry of rusting. Light in nature, and easily molded into any desired shape. Easy to transport and install. At the same time, it is durable and stable. Its anti-noise property can reduce the sound of rain splatter. UV protection and heat insulation to help withstand the radiation from the sun. It’s suitable to use for commercial and residential building.

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2.0 Safety glass

Safety glass is a kind of laminated glass which is treated under high temperature and pressure. Two layers of 5mm thick glass with a layer of 0.38mm PVB panel combined together to form the composite glass material. It is made in the standard scale similar to the glass used for a car’s windshield. Safety glass is durable and safe. If it was impacted, the PVB panel inside is responsible to absorb a portion of the shock creating a buffer time for the impact. The glass will still retain its original shape.

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The transparency of glass provides this material with non-glaring light permeability. Giving the surrounding a contemporary, modern ambience. At the same time, it could also enhance the building and create a luxurious outlook. It is a great sound-proof material and it is eco-friendly. Without blocking the penetration of natural sunlight, it could prevent direct sunlight on the eyes and block up to 99% of the UV rays as well as absorb the heat from the red light. It helps to save energy wastage.

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3.0 Thickened pergola

A thickened pergola consists of aluminium composite panels. It embodies the advantages of aluminium composite panel. Compared to its thinner predecessor, a thickened panel looks more sturdy, and adds an interesting look to the building.

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4.0 Luxury pergola (T-Light)

Luxury pergola is the upgraded version of a thickened pergola. Lighting fixtures will be installed within the structure to create beautiful lighting at night. It emphasizes on clean and tidy lines. Besides being modern in style, it creates a 3D effect visually. It is the best choice to enhance a building’s outlook and characteristic.

5.0 Smart retractable glass roof

This is not any glass roof but the winner of the new product category in the 20th ARCHIDEX. It is the revolutionary product in the awning and pergola market. The retractable glass roof is created by Inhome as a solution for outdoor smart glass roof. It can withstand all kinds of weather, It is also certified by ISO 9001:2015 quality control. It is a product that is safe to use. From glass, to aluminium composite panel, to polycarbonate, one can choose the material according to one’s preference.

From versatility point of view, the retractable glass roof is very practical. It can be controlled by remote or switch on the wall. According to the situation, one can by pressing one button, switch between indoor and outdoor mode at one’s wish. During the mode switch, the retractable roof is totally silent. It also has a rain detecting system so that when it rains, the smart system will automatically alert the closure of the glass panels. So that the clothes that you put out under the sun will be protected from the wind and rain.

It looks simple and fashionable, and it has a modern design, and enhances the overall aesthetic of a building  and renovation effect. The LED lighting installed provides sufficient lighting so that one can still carry out outdoor activity at night and enjoy the outdoors with the family.

Credit: Inhome Engineering Works Sdn Bhd

Be it sunny or rainy day, outdoor barbecue or a midnight reading session, the retractable roof could create a cosy ambience. If you have outdoor landscaping like a lake or fish pond, the retractable roof will protect the pond from direct sunlight. Especially in this Malaysian climate which rains all year long, it prevents the dirty rain water from contaminating the pond.

This technology was first used at a flagship project of an international golf club in Seremban. A 16′ x 43′ glass roof which is the record holder of the biggest retractable roof in Malaysia awarded by Malaysia’s Book of Record. Its glass structure is as wide as 60.4 feet, and it enhances the size of the space of the outdoor swimming pool so that it looks bigger visually.

Credit: Inhome Engineering Works Sdn Bhd

In short, an awning or pergola is a common structure of Malaysian houses, choosing the most suitable awning and pergola design and material can greatly enhance the outlook of the building, providing a perfect shade for your family suitable for outdoor garden or outdoor dining space.

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